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Open Positions

Arrowverse.tv is looking for a few good writers!

All positions are voluntary (without compensation), but writing for Arrowverse.tv is a great way to express and share your love of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow with your fellow fans. In addition, these positions provide valuable experience that can help you attain paid writing jobs down the road!

Our only requirements are that you must be able to write in fluent English, be available to contribute at least one article per week (preferably three or more), and of course, be a huge Arrowverse fan!

Any and all contributions will be considered, but these are the roles we’re most looking to fill:

News Junkie

Is your smartphone permanently attached to your hand? Are you constantly on the prowl for the latest news and updates? Are you available almost any time of day? We need you!

In the world of breaking news, if you’re not first, you’re last. When new developments are announced regarding the Arrowverse, we need to get them posted asap. We need someone who can monitor the news day and night and work quickly to post breaking stories as soon as they happen.

DC Comics Expert

Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the DC universe? Is there not a single Easter egg on Arrow, Flash, Legends, or Supergirl that escapes your attention? We need you!

We’re looking for someone with an in-depth knowledge of the DC universe to help us expand our coverage. Is there a new and obscure DC character appearing on an upcoming episode? Write an article for our readers telling us about him or her and their history in the comics. Were there a ton of Easter eggs in last night’s episode? Share them with our readers in a scene-by-scene guide.

Comic Book Reviewer

Obviously, Arrowverse.tv is all about the DC shows on The CW network. But those shows are all adapted from comic books, and we’d love to show them all some more love. If you devour a stack of comics every month, you could be the right person for the job!

We only need coverage on current books that directly relate to the Arrowverse (The Flash, The Hellblazer, Green Arrow, Supergirl, etc.). In addition, you could review past issues that tie-in with current episodes/characters on the various shows. (Note: this position is similar to the DC Comics Expert and could easily be held by the same person.)

Opinionated Observer

News and reviews are great, but what makes Arrowverse.tv unique are the insights and opinions from our writers. We need writers who can share their thoughts and theories on a consistent basis with our readers.

We’re talking about going beyond a review here. Take a topic and run with it: who is Prometheus? Should Oliver and Felicity get back together? Should Supergirl introduce Green Lantern? Or make a slideshow; share your Top 10 Moments from last week’s episode or the Top 5 Villains on The Flash. Get creative and opinionated!

How to Apply

To apply, send a cover letter and a 250-300 word writing sample (or links to existing writing samples) to [email protected].