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Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance/Black Canary on 'Arrow' (Image Credit: The CW)

Katie Cassidy’s ‘Arrow’ Return: Good Move or Backward Step?

The news of Katie Cassidy's return as a season regular for Arrow Season 6 had the Arrowverse fanbase buzzing today. It seems that most fans are...
'Supergirl's Lillian Luthor, 'Arrow's Prometheus,' and 'The Flash's Savitar

Arrowverse.tv Asks: ‘What’s Up With the Villains This Season?’

The staff of Arrowverse.tv comes together to talk about Savitar, Prometheus, Lillian Luthor and more in this week's roundtable discussion!

Top Ten ‘Arrow’ Villains: Who is Number One?

There have been a lot of bad guys in Green Arrow's crosshairs over the years, so we decided to rank the best 'Arrow' villains in order!
Green Arrow - Onomatopoeia

7 Villains ‘Arrow’ Needs to Introduce Next Season

After five seasons, we've seen a lot of comic book villains show up on 'Arrow,' but there are so many more waiting in the wings!
Arrow Season 5 poster

After Season 5, Where Will ‘Arrow’ Go Next?

After two seasons of missteps, 'Arrow' seems to have righted the ship this season. Once the dust is settled, what direction will the show take next year?
Carly Pope as Susan Williams on 'Arrow'

‘Arrow’: What Exactly is Susan Williams up to?

Arrow Season 5 has given us plenty of new characters to keep up with ever since its debut back in October. Whether it's the new...
Keiynan Lonsdale, Violett Beane, Carlos Valdes, and Jessica Camacho as Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Vibe, and Gypsy, respectively, on 'The Flash'.

‘The Flash’: Who Is Gypsy and What Her Arrival Means for Cisco

Let me start off by saying that I know a lot of people are offended by the name "Gypsy". It's a racial slur that...
Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance in the Arrow episode "What We Leave Behind"

Is the Revived Laurel Lance Actually Black Siren or Something Else?

Undoubtedly, the sudden and surprising return of Laurel Lance in the Arrow Bunker at the end of episode 5x09, 'What We Leave Behind,' has caused...
The New Team Arrow

How Season 5 is Making ‘Arrow’ Great Again

It's no secret that the last two seasons of Arrow have been less than awesome.After such a spectacular first two seasons, fans were primed...
Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon on 'The Flash'.

‘The Flash’: Why Cisco’s Feelings are Justified

Let me address the elephant in the room first. Based on my bio (which you can find below this article), you may think that...

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