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Barry is an award-winning writer and the founder of Arrowverse.tv. He was previously an editor at a major Doctor Who website before setting off on his own. As an all-around geek, he's usually in front of a television or movie screen, but does enjoy spending time with his wife and three daughters.

Photo Gallery & Extended Trailer for ‘The Flash’ Season 4 Premiere

Iris struggles to move on after the loss of Barry, while Cisco, Wally, and Joe face off against a new villain in new sneak peeks from 'The Flash' premiere'!
Arrow - Stephen Amell

‘Arrow’: Stephen Amell Reveals Oliver’s New Season 6 Attitude and a Spoilery New Voiceover

'Arrow' star Stephen Amell says Oliver is getting a few new toys and a new outlook this season and refuses to give details on his new opening narration!
Sandman - DC Comics

Is Sandman Joining ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ For This Year’s Crossover?

Another Golden Age hero from the Justice Society of America could be joining 'Legends of Tomorrow' this year, as a new prop looks suspiciously like Sandman!
Supergirl - Melissa Benoist

Kara Will Get a New Suit in ‘Supergirl’ Season 3

Barry Allen isn't the only superhero getting an upgrade this fall, as Melissa Benoist reveals that Supergirl will also be trying out a new costume!
Actress Odette Annable (Reign) on the FOX series 'House' (Image Credit: FOX)

‘Supergirl’ Bombshell: Reign Is Not Who You Think She Is!

Producers have let slip new details about 'Supergirl' Season 3 villain Reign, and it turns out she'll be unlike any villain seen so far in the Arrowverse!

Dinah Will Fully Embrace Her Role as Black Canary This Season on ‘Arrow’

When 'Arrow' returns for Season 6, Dinah Drake will no longer be struggling with her decision to carry on Laurel's legacy as the Black Canary!
Supergirl vs Reign

‘Supergirl’ Will Give Viewers a ‘Deeper Understanding’ of Reign Compared to Past Villains

Villains often get the short shrift when it comes to superhero films and shows, but 'Supergirl' looks to buck that trend next season with Reign!

‘The Flash’ Will ‘Quickly’ Explain Julian’s Absence This Season

We don't know why Tom Felton isn't returning to 'The Flash' in Season 4, but producer Todd Helbing says we'll learn Julian's fate very early in the season!
Arrow - Oliver and William

‘Arrow’ Season 6 Will See Oliver Struggling as a Father and a Public Figure

'Arrow' co-showrunner Wendy Mericle gives a hint as to how the show will address Oliver's new life as a father while running the city as its mayor!

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