We’re still a few weeks away from the return of The Flash and the rest of the Arrowverse shows, but The CW is getting a jump on their promotions this week.

‘The Flash Reborn’: New/Old Trailer

First up, the network has released a new extended version of the trailer for The Flash season premiere, “The Flash Reborn.” The trailer has enough new footage, though, that it may as well be considered a completely new experience:

In the new scenes, we see Iris struggling to move forward after Barry’s absence. She takes charge at S.T.A.R. Labs, but Cisco and Wally are strained trying to fight crime in Central City without Barry.

Eventually, Cisco manages to bring him out of the Speed Force, but as we saw in the original trailer, Barry doesn’t appear to be quite himself anymore.

‘The Flash Reborn’ Photo Gallery

In addition, The CW has also released a full photo gallery from the upcoming premiere:

There aren’t a lot of surprises in the new images, as they all mostly come from scenes we’ve seen in the trailers.

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There are plenty of shots of Wally, Cisco, and Joe facing off against a new villain, the Samaroid.

There are also several photos of Caitlin, who is apparently now working as a bartender. (Which makes little sense, considering her education and skill, but that’s neither here nor there.)

As far as any other reveals are concerned, The CW is clearly holding their cards close to their chest.

The Flash season premiere, “The Flash Reborn,” will air on Tuesday, October 10 at 8/7c. needs writers! Click HERE for more information and learn how to apply!

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