New Season, New Suit

Now that we are under a month until the premiere of the CW’s Arrowverse shows, news across the board just keeps on coming! Within the last 24 hours a new photo emerged on the internet of a new suit for the Flash in Season 4. The new suit can be seen in the photo below:

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Perhaps the most notable differences are the bright gold accents across the suit, as well as a brighter tone of red compared to the darker, scarlet red we are accustomed to seeing the first three seasons of The Flash. The authenticity of this photo has been confirmed by the Flash’s concept artist Andy Poon stating this suit is “Flash 3.0”.

This new suit is sure to make die-hard Flash fans and comic readers happy. Traditionally, the Flash of the comics had a brighter suit with gold accent much like the new updated costume for season 4 has. Doesn’t look like we will get the gold wings protruding from his boots, but hey, we can’t have it all, right? needs writers! Click HERE for more information and learn how to apply!

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What do you think of the Flash’s new suit? Is it an improvement or do you prefer the old? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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