Those of you who have followed Arrow through the years know that Slade Wilson was a major player in the first two seasons of the show and was probably one of Oliver’s most destructive enemies. Personally, I think Prometheus topped Deathstroke, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Deathstroke Returns

Perhaps one of the most shocking and unexpected twists of season 5 of Arrow was the recruitment of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) to help Oliver put a stop to Prometheus once and for all. After being absent since Season 2 (minus one terrible episode in Season 3), fans have clamored for Slade Wilson to return to Arrow. 

The fans have their wish. Deathstroke is back and, from all the promos and news that we have, it seems like he will have a pretty major role in this new season.

Every day ends different #Arrow #Deathstroke

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“Every Day Ends Different.” Seem like Manu Bennet is doing much more than just a cameo or two. There appears to be a real story circulating around Slade this season.

Joe Wilson Cast

In fact, a new casting for Arrow has recently come to surface: Slade Wilson’s son, Joe Wilson. Actor Liam Hall has been cast to play a recurring role as Slade’s son during Season 6. He has been described as a man who had decided follow his father’s footsteps. Joe joined the Australian military agency A.S.I.S., but found himself on the wrong side of a Kasnian prison, going by the alias Kane Wolfman.

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Even though Deathstroke seemed a bit more like an ally to Oliver at the end of Season 5, we shouldn’t expect Deathstroke to be a hero now. It is exciting to see where the writers will take Slade Wilson this season and how the dynamic of both Oliver and Slade as fathers will play out. needs writers! Click HERE for more information and learn how to apply!

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Are you happy with the return of Deathstroke? Do you think he is reformed or still evil? How do you think the fatherhood aspect will play out this season? Share your comments below!

  • Marvelover

    Well, they have said that there will be a Slade focused 2-parter this season (episodes 5 and 6). They hinted at finding his son in the season finale. Slade probably goes more anti-hero when Joe’s throat gets slit.

    • Joey Coons

      Yes I agree. I would be way to easy for Slade to just be a good, great ally for Oliver. I’m looking for Slade to show some shady sides of himself this season as well.