“We broke time.”

Well, that certainly isn’t the objective of most people’s day when they wake up. However, that is exactly what the Legends have done. Seemingly picking up right after the events of the Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 finale, the team appears to have a plan to go back in history and fix the mess they have made.

This seems like a pretty logical place for the show to go since leaving time broken could have some pretty catastrophic results to the entire Arrowverse. How exactly will the team fix their mistakes? Will there be any new time eras or will they revisit some fan favorites from last year? Also, will there be any new threats that the Legends have to face?

‘History Gets a Remix’ Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow has been a fun show and one that fans tend to thoroughly enjoy. There is no reason to believe that season 3 of Legends will be any different! Check out the new promo below: needs writers! Click HERE for more information and learn how to apply!

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How will the team fix time? Who do you think will be coming on to the team? Will there be any new villains this year? What time era would you like to see the team travel to?

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