Time for another Flash back. This week, someone is conducting horrendous experiments on the homeless. Several vagrants are being murdered, and the bodies are stolen from the crime scenes. Meanwhile, someone from Tina’s past comes to town. Could there be a connection? As it turns out….yes he’s the bad guy, and if you didn’t figure that out within the first ten minutes of watching then my friend this show may be too complicated for you.

Last week, the Flash put a stop to the Dark Riders motorcycle gang that was terrorizing Central City. I’ve really come to appreciate the difficulty it is writing for this show. It would get boring really fast if all Barry did was stop random thugs and drug dealers. Developing villains that actually challenge the Flash would be difficult back then given budget constraints.

“Out of Control” uses a tried and true formula of the mad scientist who is conducting terrible acts in the name of making humanity better. While this turned out to be a fun episode with a few decent effects, I think it could have benefited from some deeper introspection. Plus I didn’t really get the bad guy’s motives.

Goodbye Iris, Hello Tina

Remember when I said how much I hated this show’s version of Iris West? Well, it turns out the showrunners had the same thought, as the character has been completely written out. There’s a quick scene between Barry and Julio discussing how Iris dumped Barry (again). I could not be any happier with this news. Now Barry can pursue Tina.

Why 'The Flash' Needs a 'Rebirth' in Season 4

Well not quite. Tina’s former love interest, Dr. Carl Tanner, rolls into town to flirt with her and to get his hands on her deceased husband’s tests on genetic engineering. Meanwhile, several homeless people are getting mysteriously killed followed by the bodies vanishing.

Now spoiler warning… Carl is the mad scientist responsible for the deaths (shocking that the only new character introduced is the bad guy). Thinking that the research done by Tina’s husband is the key, Carl injects himself and literally “Hulks” out. And no I’m not talking about modern-day Incredible Hulk, but the classic days of the television version complete with torn clothes and horrible makeup. There’s only one man that can stop an evil Halloween-mask wearing scientist….well there’s probably a lot of people that could do it but this time it’s the Flash.

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