Since Arrow debuted, there have been claims that Arrow‘s version of Oliver Queen is a rip-off of Batman. So is it true? I explore the top area of contention and attempt to address whether this accusation is indeed accurate.

5Green Arrow was Created to Be a Batman Substitute.

Image Credit: DC Comics
Let’s first start this discussion by admitting that Green Arrow was literally inspired by and meant to be another type of Batman.
Green Arrow first debuted in the pages of DC Comics in 1940 during what is traditionally called “The Golden Age” of comics. During that time, DC’s big heroes were Superman and Batman. DC wanted to expand their appeal without relying too much on the same two characters, so they created Green Arrow to have the same kind of appeal that Batman had.
Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"
Green Arrow had an “Arrow-mobile”, an “Arrow-Cave”, and an “Arrow-plane”, and he was a millionaire playboy masquerading as a secret vigilante. So in light of that, Arrow certainly was not the first iteration to draw inspiration from Batman. Green Arrow exists solely because of Batman.