Thank you to everyone who voted in last week’s poll. Although it was quite close, the Flash really is the fastest man alive. Each week, I will be reviewing an episode from the original Flash!

Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we? The year was 1990. The song on the jukebox was “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. The movie everyone was talking about was Tim Burton’s Batman. And the hero on our television screens was none other than the Flash. Played by John Wesley Shipp, this version of the Scarlet Speedster would only last one season.

The Dark Knight Speedster

The story opens with Central City at night. Everything appears peaceful. Suddenly, a dangerous biker gang charges through, terrorizing the residents with mass destruction courtesy of some glowing green grenades. As I watched this episode, it was clear the writers were heavily influenced by Tim Burton’s take on the world and character of Batman.

Most of the scenes take place at night and have a rather gritty feel to them. Batman composer Danny Elfman even contributes the theme music. As a fan of the Burton incarnation of Batman —as well as 80s action flicks in general — this show appeals to me.

'The Flash': First Look at Barry's New Suit!

Meet the Allens

We learn that the gang, dubbed by the media as the “Dark Riders,” have been terrorizing Central City for some time, leaving the police baffled. We are introduced to the Allen family. Barry is a mild-mannered forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department. His older brother Jay is a successful police officer, who is married with a young son.

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  • Mike

    I have the DVD box set of the 1990 Flash, it is worthwhile watching, and you will see where some of the current Flash guest stars came from. Especially Mark Hamill’s Trickster is a highlight of the series.

    • Joel Getter

      Hi Mike! I’m excited to see Mark Hamill’s original trickster! In fact, those are probably the two episodes I’m looking forward to most!