It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of Arrow Season 5. Ever since the beginning of the season, Arrow has been returning to form after a lackluster Season 4 and ‘Lian Yu’ is no different. The epic conclusion of the five-year story has come to a close and it was nearly flawless.

Just Like Old Times

The episode begins right where ‘Missing’ left off in the A.R.G.U.S bunker that Slade Wilson has been held for the last three years. Oliver tells Slade that he needs his help to save his son and his friends, as well as stop Adrian Chase. Slade tells Oliver that the Mirakuru has worn off,and that he has felt like it had all been a bad dream. I feel like this was a little bit too easy of a patch-up between him and Oliver, but hey, Slade Wilson is back on Arrow so I’m not complaining.

Oliver hands Slade a flash drive with information about Slade’s son, Joe, and Oliver tells him that he can find his son. Oliver gives the old Deathstroke armor back to Slade (such an awesome moment) and (along with Digger Harkness A.K.A. Captain Boomerang) meets back up with Malcolm and Nyssa above the bunker. As they are discussing their plan to stop Chase, a missile flies in and destroys the plane that they had arrived in.

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New Team Arrow

Oliver, along with his newly recruited team set out to find his son and the other hostages. Oliver, Slade, and Harkness split up from Malcolm and Nyssa to try and cover more ground. Thea, Felicity, Curtis, and Samantha (the mother of Oliver’s son, William) are spotted by Slade and they go to free them from the cages they are in. Unsurprisingly, as Oliver was trying to set his friends free, Evelyn and Talia drop from the trees behind him ready to fire.

At this moment, Digger Harkness also turns on his new team to reveal that Chase had already convinced him to work for him. Harkness asks Slade if he was on his side and, for a moment. you think that Slade will turn on Oliver, as well…but then he punches Harkness and they begin to fight. Harkness and Talia leave Evelyn behind as they flee.

Oliver releases his friends and then locks Evelyn in the cage and said, despite what she has done, he will come back and get her when it’s all done. Oliver sends Thea, Felicity, Curtis, and Samantha off with Malcolm to get them on Adrian Chase’s plane to fly off the island. Then, Oliver, Slade, and Nyssa go off to find the other hostages.

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  • Beatrix Wienkötter

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