A good season finale should accomplish three things: 1) It should be a culmination of the arc the hero has taken throughout the course of the season, 2) it should be epic in scale, both in terms of action as well as character development, and 3) it should close one chapter while serving as a starting point for next season. Did Supergirl accomplish all of these things? No, it did not.

Tonight’s closing installment, “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” worked in some ways, while grossly failing at others. This season has been a mixed bag of both good and bad, so in a sense, this finale was a good representation of those issues.

Supergirl vs. Superman

Last week ended on a cliffhanger with Superman returning but on the wrong side. Rhea has brainwashed him using silver kryptonite, allowing the Man of Steel to retain all his powers but making him think that Kara is his worst fear. That’s right, for all of you excited that Zod was putting in an appearance, it turns out he was just a hallucination. I suppose I should be pleased as I didn’t understand how Zod was going to be inserted into an already packed cast. I wasn’t pleased. I was annoyed. In fact, I was very annoyed.

The battle between the two heroes of Krypton was pretty epic (as we should expect it to be). The final showdown between Supergirl and Rhea was fairly grand (as it should be). However, surrounding these two epic moments was a lot of heart-to-hearts and pointlessness that have unfortunately become the staples of Supergirl.

Perhaps, my views are tainted. I entered this episode partially dreading it. If someone would like to challenge my views, go for it. There were parts of the episode I enjoyed, which I will get to in a moment. Stay with me for a little longer though — I promise my ranting will end soon.

Arrowverse Crossover 2017: Everything We Know So Far

Trial by Combat

After Kara defeats Superman, the two are taken to the Fortress of Solitude to recover. Apparently, this was enough to cure Superman from the brainwashing kryptonite. There are hugs and then it’s down to business. How do we stop Rhea and the other Daxamites who by now could have enslaved the world but instead just hang out over National City? Kara decides to invoke an ancient challenge between herself as the champion of Earth and Rhea. If Kara wins, the Daxamites agree to leave.

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  • Claudia Trent

    Did Mon-El really have to leave? I mean couldn’t he have just put on an oxygen mask? For that matter, couldn’t Lena and Winn figure out a way to reverse the atmosphere back once the Daxamites left? I have to admit I got a little choked up at Mon-El and Kara’s goodbyes.

    I never really liked Mon-El. So, I’m not sad to see him go.