We are rapidly reaching the end of season 5 of Arrow with this week’s episode entitled ‘Missing’. This episode was different than I thought it would be, but still a pretty solid episode that sets up a HUGE season finale next week!

Happy Birthday, Ollie

After a brief scene in city hall, the episode opens up with Oliver heading over to Felicity’s apartment for a “dinner”. He arrives to find the door slightly open with complete silence from the loft. Oliver approaches slowly and enters with caution. Suddenly, a hand closes around Oliver’s shoulder and he flips the intruder over his shoulder ready to strike. Then the lights flash on only to reveal most of Team Arrow with birthday garb on yelling “surprise”. A stunned Oliver looks down to see that the intruder that he flipped over his shoulder was Curtis (poor guy). Lance arrives late to the party and Thea informs him that he only missed Oliver throwing Curtis to the ground. Lance responds with “Well I told you a surprise party wasn’t a good idea”.

Too Easy

Even though Team Arrow had apprehended Chase and he was locked up at A.R.G.U.S., Oliver can’t seem to take a breath. Felicity convinces Oliver to relax because they beat Chase. Oliver obliges and then begins to discuss the possibility of them dating again.

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Two things about this real quick: First, of course Chase wanted to be arrested. That seemed really silly that Team Arrow let their guard down so quickly after how formidable Chase has been all year. Second, please please please just leave the Olicity thing alone. The show is so much better without it. Anyway…

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