This week’s episode of Supergirl kicks off the Season 2 finale. It’s hard to believe that we are already nearing the finish line. Last week, things started looking rather bleak. Queen Rhea managed to trick Lena into helping her open a portal beginning an invasion of Earth. Lena and Mon-El were captured aboard Rhea’s ship. As thousands of warships descended upon Earth, Rhea declared that Earth would now be known as New Daxam.

“Resist” brought back a few familiar faces for the battle to save Earth. Difficult choices were made, culminating in quite a shocking twist. Unfortunately, this episode was difficult to traverse in order to get to that ending.


The episode begins with some incredible shots of the Daxamites attempting to conquer the populace of National City. It looks like the show saved up their money just for this episode! Did they really have to make all the Daxemite soldiers look like Guardian clones though?

It was fun watching Alex kick some alien butt followed by an incredible leap off the DEO (good thing Supergirl was there). With the DEO taken, our heroes relocate to the alien dive bar as their base of operations. Kara reports that Superman is nowhere to be found. With J’onn incapacitated, it looks like the good guys need some help. Fortunately, an offer of help arrives from the last person they would expect.

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

I’ve been wondering how the show was going to try to bring together the several threads that have been unraveling this season. Lillian arrives with an offer of a temporary truce so they can work together to take down Rhea. Of course, the team tells her where she can put her offer.

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  • Veritos Mamadedaniela Torres

    Wow! Finally an episode that has my heart racing!