Let me start off this recap by apologizing. I was a little too rough on my all-time favorite TV show last week. There was a list of people who I was not going to be okay with Savitar (Tobin Bell) being and Barry (Grant Gustin) was actually not on that list. He was just the person the fandom constantly joked about Savitar being all season so to see that the writers actually went through with that was a little bit of a shock to the system. That being said, almost every member of the cast has had the opportunity to play an evil version of themselves except Grant. He’s finally getting that chance and he is killing it. I’m genuinely excited to see what they do with this storyline in the next two episodes. I say ‘the next two episodes’ because this episode fell into the same place ‘Grodd Lives’ did in Season 1. It was a bit of a filler. But gosh, darn it if it wasn’t insanely adorable a huge breath of fresh air! Let’s break down ‘Cause and Effect’!

Okay, something I forgot to mention last week is that they’ve stopped the opening monologue which is a little weird considering it’s an Arrowverse show. Did they just not want to make a third one this season?

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No matter, the episode opens immediately where ‘I Know Who You Are’ left off: Barry facing Savitar, aka his future self. Well, actually, not quite. Barry tells Savitar that he knows that he’s a time remnant. Savitar reminds Barry about how he created a time remnant in his attempt to stop Zoom (Teddy Sears) and save the multiverse last year. He also reminds him about how he played God when he created Flashpoint. Barry tells Savitar about how his future self told him that he created time remnants in his attempt to stop him but he killed all of them…except one: Savitar himself. Savitar explains how Barry, Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) all shunned him because he was nothing but a time aberration. Barry asks him how he became the monster he is today and Savitar tells him that he was broken and wanted the pain to stop. He realized that God doesn’t feel pain and so he started his mission to become one. He now only needs to things so that he can truly rise to power: for Iris (Candice Patton) to die so that Barry becomes so broken that he becomes him…and the second thing he keeps to himself. Barry then does something very smart and asks Savitar what would happen if he kills himself right now. Savitar reminds him that it didn’t work when Eddie (Rick Cosnett) committed suicide. Thawne (Matt Letscher) still lived on as an aberration. He tells Barry that the more you travel through time, the less the rules apply to you. He warns him that, when he rises, Barry will become the forgotten one. Barry uppercuts Savitar and locks him in a neck hold. He tells him that he’s going to kill him. All of a sudden, Savitar’s disembodied armor comes to life (yes, you read that correctly) and throws Barry to the ground. Barry and the armor fight each other until Savitar gets in his suit. Him and Barry wind-up and throw lightning at each other, causing a huge explosion. When Barry looks back in his direction, Savitar is gone.

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