Arguably the most famous Kryptonian besides Superman and Supergirl themselves, General Zod has been a menacing presence in several big screen films featuring the Man of Steel. Now, he’s coming to the small screen to take on the Girl of Steel — and her cousin, Superman.

Canadian actor Mark Gibbon will appear as Zod in the two-part Supergirl season finale, along with returning guest stars Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant.

Supergirl vs. General Zod

New set photos from the show’s filming in Vancouver show Gibbon in action as Zod. He’s wearing a black, militaristic uniform, much more in keeping with the character’s traditional look than 2013’s Man of Steel.

Melissa Benoist is also on set as Supergirl, standing atop a crumbled car. Gibbon can be seen miming the heat vision action (with special effects to be added later, of course), so it seems he and Supergirl are going to have quite a battle.

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Zod in Action

There’s also a video of Gibbon on set, where he can be asking, “You actually care for these Earth people?”

Supergirl returns next Monday with “Alex” at 8/7c. The season finale with Superman, Cat Grant, and Zod should air sometime next month.

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