After a month-long hiatus, Supergirl is back! Tonight’s episode was overall a decent but ultimately forgettable affair. As Kara gets an opportunity to put her reporting skills to the test, we get to see her friendship with Lena develop.

However, before I get down to my thoughts on the main storyline, I would like to comment on the B-plot of this episode that involved the trio of James, Winn, and the reformed bad girl alien Lyra. Basically, Winn manages to persuade James to let Lyra work with them during their late-night crusades. When I realized this was going to be one of the plots of tonight’s episode, I let out an audible groan. I think I’ve made my thoughts on the whole Guardian story crystal clear in previous posts. Tonight’s little adventure for James and friends equated to a situation comedy.

Two Guys, a Girl, and a Superhero Shop

In a nutshell, Lyra manages to take things too far on her first night working with the duo (shocker!). James tells Winn that Lyra can’t join them anymore. Although not convinced of this, Winn breaks the bad news to Lyra, resulting in her going into full psycho mode (yet another shocker… please realize I’m being sarcastic). Winn goes into a depression, so James has a heart-to-heart talk with his best friend, expressing to him that he considers him a brother now. Then he reveals to Winn that Lyra can continue to work with them (alright, now I really am shocked).

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

While these scenes played out, I couldn’t help but imagine if this was spun-off into a full-fledged sitcom. Seriously, why not? I could see it now as James and Winn go through one bumbling mission after another with psycho Lyra in tow. I can even hear the grating laugh track. When Lyra made that awful cat joke at the end, I could see the classic freeze frame of the three of them laughing as the credits roll up. Someone needs to totally edit these clips tonight so that these scenes play out as a sitcom from the 80’s/90’s. It has everything: 1) a ridiculous storyline, 2) two buddies that truly love each other, and 3) the character that has no understanding of cultural values. I’m begging someone to do this. Please make the James/Winn/Lyra sitcom! It will be an instant classic… that last about 6 episodes.

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