The world of Arrow literally thundered and roared with approval with the reveal of the return of Manu Bennett reprising his role as Deathstroke in the Season 5 finale.

The week prior, Katie Cassidy was confirmed to not only return for the final two episodes in Season 5 but to also star as a series regular in Season 6.

Nyssa vs. Talia

Well, it doesn’t stop there! Now Katrina Law has been confirmed to return to Arrow in the final two episodes of the season to reprise her role as Nyssa al Ghul. It seems like Nyssa will be having a story arc that leads up to a showdown with none other than her sister, Talia al Ghul.

Many fans have been hoping and asking for a Nyssa vs. Talia fight since it was first announced that Talia al Ghul would show up on Arrow. It looks like we are going to get to witness just that!

What Goes Around Comes Around

With all these announcements, one has to wonder: is there more? The answer is yes! Executive producer Marc Guggenheim sent this cryptic tweet right after revealing that Manu Bennett would be returning:

And now we know of at least one more character returning to the show. After all, Deathstroke wasn’t the only character stuck in that prison on Lian Yu:

That’s right, Nick E. Tarabay is back on set as Captain Boomerang! Tarabay teased his return on Twitter last month, but now it seems pretty official.

To Deathstroke or Not to Deathstroke?

It’s worth mentioning that Deathstroke actor Manu Bennett is vehemently denying his return to Arrow. However, the actor’s return has been confirmed by multiple outlets, including io9 and Entertainment Weekly.

Bennett is currently filming Season 2 of MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles in New Zealand, so the person playing Deathstroke in set photos is almost certainly not him. Eventually, Bennett will likely film a few short scenes sans helmet and then record new dialogue to be looped over the scenes with the stunt double.

Could there be more characters returning to Arrow for the season finale? Could I finally get my wish and see Walter Steele back??? No matter what, we are in for a HUGE finale!

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