After a questionable end to Season 2, there is much left to be answered as DC fans wait for the return of Legends of Tomorrow presumably in October. One of the biggest questions floating around the show is “Who will the writers add to the Legends?” It has been confirmed that there will be some additions made to the show. So who are some likely candidates?


Image Credit: DC Comics

Dr. Fate

I think this would be a pretty fun character to add to the show. Kent Nelson, aka Dr. Fate, is a hero that has fought against evil over the years using his mystical Helmet of Fate. Dr. Fate’s helmet was seen on the show Constantine before it was cancelled. However, since Constantine made an appearance in the Arrowverse in Season 4 of Arrow, we can assume that if the writers wanted to pull on Dr. Fate they could. The addition of this character could open up Legends of Tomorrow to more magic and the supernatural aspects that have already been explored on Legends as well as the other Arrowverse shows.

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