Let’s be honest, this season of Supergirl has been a bit of a mess. Although its sophomore season started strong with a confident shift in tone, it managed to lose its way.

The overall theme of the season appeared to be focused on Cadmus and their attempts to eradicate all alien life from planet Earth. Another theme this season has been the rights of alien refugees living on Earth. It’s all become so lost beneath so many other smaller plot points, that it feels like the show lacks a central direction.

Who’s in Charge Around Here?

Another key component that has been sadly lacking is a strong central villain. I’ve grown bored of Lillian Luthor, and Cyborg Superman was a wasted opportunity. At one point I was actually hoping Maxwell Lord would return.

This week’s episode, ‘Distant Sun,’ brought forth the big bad of the season in the form of Queen Rhea of Daxam played by the iconic Teri Hatcher. Mon-El’s mother is back with a vengeance and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the young Prince returns home.

Those of you who don’t watch Flash may have been slightly confused by the opening of this week’s episode. The breakup was quite short and resolved in the musical episode. For those of you that didn’t watch it, stop reading right now and go watch it. Seriously, it’s that good.

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

Anyway, Kara and Mon-El are back together and happier than ever. However, there’s a big problem looming just above the Earth. It was great to see Kevin Smith return so soon to direct. ‘Supergirl Lives’ was one of the high points of this season. While ‘Distant Sun’ isn’t quite there, it’s still a solid outing.

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  • Joey Coons

    Becoming increasingly harder to watch this show. Please just pick one story and go!