The news of Katie Cassidy’s return as a season regular for Arrow Season 6 had the Arrowverse fanbase buzzing today. It seems that most fans are pretty happy with this development, but others are voicing concern about the move. I am among the skeptics that see the danger of this return amongst the elated happiness of many fans. Here are a few reasons I am slow to jump back on the Laurel train:

The Immortal Lances

We have all joked about how “comic book characters never stay dead”, but come on. This is getting a bit silly. Sara Lance “died” on the Queen’s Gambit only to be discovered by Oliver a year later on Lian Yu. Then she “died” again in the freighter during Oliver’s fight with Slade. Then Sara died at the beginning of Season 3, only to be brought back to life in the Lazarus Pit in Season 4. Then she died on the Waverider in Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow, only to be brought back by the healing tech of the ship.

With that in mind, Laurel’s character was killed off in Season 4 of Arrow with the promise from producers that her death will remain permanent. Then we had her doppelgänger from Earth-2 posing as a “resurrected” Laurel. That turned out to be a farce, so the writing team did make good on their promise, but the principle still remains that the Lance girls just seem unable to make an exit from the Arrowverse.

Don’t get me wrong — I love their characters and what they bring to the show(s). But eventually, if they exit the show(s), it just has to stay permanent. At least longer than one season! There is virtually no surprise if they show up after dying because we expect them to make it to the other side some way or another.

I understand this isn’t Earth-1 Laurel returning to the show, and that Katie Cassidy is coming back as the Black Siren. I would actually be okay with her coming back as a guest for some fun Green Arrow vs. Black Siren battles, but I have no clue how to incorporate her as a main cast member again without undermining what Season 5 has built up.

Which brings me to my next point…

What About Dinah?

If Katie Cassidy is returning as a meta-human Black Canary, then what will be the role for Dinah Drake? The back half of Season 5 has been spent setting up Dinah to adopt the mantle handed down from Earth-1 Laurel as Black Canary. One of the biggest wishes for Laurel fans is that Black Siren somehow gets rehabilitated by Green Arrow to become Black Canary and run off into the sun with Oliver. But my question with that is what on Earth was the point in bringing in Dinah if that is the case? She would seem like such a wasted character if the end game was only to eventually bring Laurel back as the Black Canary.

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