Last week, the staff came together to discuss the true identity of Savitar, The Flash‘s big Season 3 villain. Unfortunately, last week’s episode made most of our conversation irrelevant, so we had to scrap that discussion altogether.

This week, editor Barry Rice, co-editor Sarah Sharpe, and writers Joey Coons and Joel Getter came together to give their thoughts not just on Savitar, but on Lillian Luthor, Prometheus (and even Felicity):

Joel: Since last week’s Savitar discussion had to be scrapped, could we start with talking more about who Savitar is?

Joey: Sounds good!

Sarah: Why not!

Barry: All right, does anyone have any new theories about Savitar? (I do, but I’ll open the floor first.)

Joel: I’m pretty clueless, but I think he’s connected to Flashpoint in some way.

Joey: I do not have any new theories, but I will say that it virtually feels like Savitar isn’t even a threat anymore. He has done almost nothing to the Flash and the team but has threatened them all season. The one thing he did (trap Wally) was resolved in one episode.

Sarah: So here’s where I stand: the entire season, I didn’t think Savitar’s identity mattered. I thought he was just some ominous, terrible future that Team Flash had to stop. My mind changed when I saw two things: 1) Barry trying to get his mask off during their fight in 3×15 and 2) the synopsis for “Abra Kadabra.”

Joey: I do agree that it would seem that the identity is important since we saw Barry trying really hard to get that mask off.

Sarah: That being said, I’ve only just RECENTLY started to think about who he could be and I don’t have any concrete theories yet.

Barry: Joel, I can’t recall if this was from a private conversation we had or our scraped discussion last week, but didn’t you think he could actually be Wally?

Joel: Yeah and I still think it could be a possibility. I wondered if Savitar could possibly be Flashpoint Wally. I’m still intrigued by your theory that it could be H.R., though.

Barry: After this week’s episode, my belief in the H.R. theory has gone WAY down.

Sarah: I found an interesting theory on Tumblr that showed how H.R. and Savitar both have scars over their left eyebrows…whereas Harry does NOT have a scar…but I don’t necessarily subscribe to that theory.

Joey: Maybe Savitar is H.R.’s partner he mentioned from Earth-19?

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