While last week’s episode, ‘The Wrath of Savitar’, broke the hearts of fans everywhere with gut-wrenching action sequences and revelations, tonight’s episode was heartbreaking in a completely different way: it reminded Barry (Grant Gustin) of all the deaths he’s been responsible for since he became The Flash and we were forced to suffer right along with him. This episode was definitely for the die-hard Flash fans (such as myself) who have been loyally watching the show since day one. (It that sense, it was essentially like #Arrow100.) All this pain, though, was for Barry to learn that he can’t let other people do his dirty work for him. Just like he says in the show’s opening montage, he is the only person that can save Iris (Candice Patton). Here’s what happened.

The episode opened with a really cool shot of everyone frozen in the cortex with the camera sweeping past them and a voiceover by Barry. He says that he can’t let anyone else suffer for his mistakes. He wholeheartedly blames himself for Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) being stuck in the Speed Force, so…he’s going to go back in there and get him out.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) worries about Barry getting lost in the vastness of the Speed Force so H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) suggests that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) creates some sort of tether to anchor Barry to the physical plane. Julian (Tom Felton) adds that he can add a component that can measure Barry’s vitals. Jesse also insists on going but once again Barry tells her to stay behind to keep the city safe in his absence. (That’s three times now, right?)

Barry pulls Iris (Candice Patton) into the hallway to make sure she knows that he’s going to free Wally. He also asks if he’s lost her. She doesn’t answer and walks away. Joe pops in and asks Barry what’s going on between them. He tells him that Iris called off their engagement.

In his workshop, Cisco’s finishing up the tethering device for Barry. Cisco explains to Julian how the device is linked the electrode halo (I finally know the name for the thing I keep calling “headset”) via Goldtooth (Cisco’s adorable inter-dimensional version of Bluetooth) and can track his vitals anywhere in the Speed Force. If anything starts going haywire, the halo will stimulate Cisco’s pre-frontal cortex and he’ll open a breach to bring him back home. Barry comes on the comms and asks if Cisco’s ready. He grabs the device and we get a very cool transition into the breach room. (Seriously, the cinematography/editing tonight was spot on.)

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