This week’s Supergirl follows the aftermath of Jeremiah’s deception as Cadmus reveals plans for eliminating all alien life from planet Earth. ‘Exodus’ is a thrilling episode from start to finish, and I rank it as one of this season’s best offerings.

The episode begins with a seemingly normal American family right down the girl who is embarrassed by her parents’ singing to Bruno Mars. An officer pulls the family over saying they have a busted tail light. We quickly learn that this is merely a ruse and that Mr. Friendly Cop is really a Cadmus agent. The family are revealed to be aliens and are taken away. I thought this was a nice touch making the aliens appear as a harmless American family to get our sympathies.

Refugee Crisis

Back at the DEO, we learn that this is the twentieth kidnapping since Jeremiah stole the alien registry. Realizing that the remaining aliens need to be warned, Kara goes to Snapper to convince him to approve an article reporting on the Cadmus kidnappings. It’s good to see Snapper back as his presence has been minimal lately. Refusing to print an article without any sources, Kara convinces Snapper to interview Supergirl.

As Alex worries about her father, James is getting to know Winn’s new love interest, Lyra. I loved how Cadmus arrived right in the middle of what appeared to be a typical Winn/James dialogue. Fortunately, the situation is handled by Alex along with some help from Guardian. The bad new is Lyra is taken.

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Questionable Motives

Back at the DEO, Alex “questions” the Cadmus agent in custody. J’onn pulls her off before she kills him and chastises her for her lack of restraint. Realizing that Alex is too close to this case, J’onn later pulls a clever ruse pretending to be Jeremiah asking Alex for help. A lot of people might question J’onn’s handling of this situation. I completely agree with his methods. Given how Jeremiah betrayed everyone last week, it makes sense that J’onn is going to be more on his guard. He doesn’t want to take any risks in giving Jeremiah the upper hand again. He’s right as Alex’s judgment is completely compromised.

My vote for best line of this episode: “You’re the only Superman we need.” I’ve enjoyed seeing more Dean Cain these past two weeks, and I’m thinking he’s a total double agent. Lillian and Jeremiah watch as the aliens are taken aboard a huge space ark.

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  • Ironwoman Tasali

    “Hopefully, when Kara gets fired for her blatant disregard towards her boss, Lena will support Kara financially.”

    Why doesn’t the DEO pay Supergirl for her service in helping protect Earth?

    The whole reporter thing was silly anyway. We already have a reporter superhero in Clark.

    • I so agree. Kara’s sudden dream to become a reporter came out of nowhere and was a blatant rip-off of Clark.