There are two reasons why The CW probably decided not to release the synopsis for Arrow‘s March 22nd episode until yesterday: 1) They didn’t want the synopses for the musical crossover and Captain Cold’s (Wentworth Miller) return to overshadow this one and 2) (the more likely reason) they were waiting for everyone to watch ‘Fighting Fire with Fire’, the episode that revealed Prometheus’ (Josh Segarra) identity.

That being said, here’s the synopsis for ‘Kapiushon’, directed by Kevin Tancharoen and written by Brian Ford Sullivan and Emilio Ortega Aldrich.

THE BREAKING POINT — Prometheus (Josh Segarra) goes to great lengths to break Oliver (Stephen Amell). Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Anatoly (guest star David Nykl) becomes worried about Oliver’s increasingly violent tendencies, which come to a head in a brutal confrontation.

Arrow returns with ‘Checkmate’ on March 15th at 8/7c on The CW.

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