Arrow debuted its 15th Season 5 episode, ‘Fighting Fire With Fire,’ tonight, and let me tell you, this was a solid episode. The episode covered a lot of ground, so let’s get cracking.

Mayor Queen is in a Bind

The majority of this episode was spent covering the scandal revolving around the cover-up of how Billy Malone was killed earlier this season. Something else we see throughout the entire episode is Oliver choosing to take the high road when tempted with the idea of using underhand tactics to politically maneuver his way around the allegations. I was glad to see that even though the episode revolving around the political spectrum, it didn’t come across as heavy-handed as ‘Spectre of the Gun’ did a few weeks back.

Meanwhile in Russia

This week there was very little development this week with the flashback story in Russia. Basically, we see Oliver and Anatoly get out of a pickle, only to be put into another one. Honestly, I would have rather they just not had a flashback this week, and used those minutes to show more fighting between Oliver, Vigilante, and Prometheus. Hoping the Russian story will pick back up next week.

Vigilante Comes Back Firing

One complaint I’ve had recently is that Vigilante has been virtually absent since the midseason break. I think last week may have been the first time we’d seen him since the show resumed. Boy, boy, did he come back strong with this episode! In my opinion, Vigilante has been a far more compelling antagonist for Green Arrow/Oliver Queen than Prometheus has been most of this season.

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Prometheus Unbound

Part of the major buzz coming into this episode was that Vigilante and Prometheus were actually going to square off against each other. It was an okay fight I guess, but it was pretty lackluster compared to what I was expecting. Prometheus easily beat Vigilante with little to no effort exerted. Vigilante escaped Prometheus’s grasp, but right after that Prometheus pulled off his mask to finally reveal his true identity!


Prometheus is actually…





To be honest, I was totally shocked. All season long I’ve assumed Adrian Chase was Vigilante since that is his alter-ego in the comics. I’m a little torn on the reveal. On one hand, I’m super surprised and intrigued to see where it goes. On the other hand, I was really hoping it would actually be someone from Season 1 that we’d forgotten about. But with that said, I’m just glad to see that the writers hid the identity so well from us, with a huge red herring with the Adrian Chase/Vigilante identity thing. Is this the true identity of Prometheus? Is it a cover up? It seems legit, but who knows!

I’m just so happy to see that it isn’t Tommy Merlyn. Despite the fan theories supporting that idea, it would have been really dumb.

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