Supergirl has had an extremely uneven feel this season. While the opening episodes were nothing short of epic, the past few weeks have felt a bit lackluster. I went into tonight’s episode (appropriately titled ‘Homecoming’) with high expectations. After only one mysterious appearance several episodes back, Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) has returned. Would we finally get some answers on what happened to him during his fourteen years of imprisonment by Cadmus? The short answer: no, we do not. Rather than supply us with answers to any of the mysteries going on this season, we are left with even more questions resulting in quite the frustrating hour of television.

The episode opens with the morning following Kara and Mon-El’s declaration of love. Apparently, the Daxamite’s lovemaking is quite the boost for our young heroine, resulting in her accomplishing more on the morning after than she has all season long. During the whole opening, I kept asking myself if Supergirl can have sex with a regular person, or is Mon-El her best bet? Wouldn’t her super strength kill a human? I guess she can turn it off if needed. Perhaps I should stop thinking about this and focus on my recap.

Kara isn’t the only one to “get lucky” as Winn receives an alert that Cadmus has resurfaced and is on the move. Watching Supergirl and J’onn take on Cadmus together made me realize that I NEED TO SEE MORE OF THIS! J’onn is such an awesome character, and I really hope he is utilized more often for the remainder of this season. Supergirl discovers a badly beaten Jeremiah in the back of a Cadmus truck. What follows is a joyous and tearful reunion. Everyone is happy, with the exception of Mon-El, who questions the simplicity of Jeremiah’s rescue in front of everyone. This makes Jeremiah’s homecoming dinner quite awkward. In fact, this episode could have been titled ‘Awkward Family Moments.’ I’ll never feel weird about my family’s dinners ever again.

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The Smartest Guy in the Room

All right, time for some ranting. Of course, we the audience have already figured out by this point that something is off with Jeremiah. What I fail to understand is how everyone else didn’t suspect him. Sure, Alex’s judgement is clouded by her happiness that her dad is back. What the hell is J’onn’s excuse? Did Cadmus detonate some type of reversal bomb that made Mon-El intelligent and everyone else on the show stupid? Jeremiah’s instant welcome back at the DEO with full access makes no damn sense at all!  Excuse me, I guess he did have to get a full psych exam before getting the all access pass. Apparently, the DEO version of this exam takes five minutes and then he’s free to roam around. I guess if James can just stroll in whenever he needs to meet up with Winn for some Guardian action, then why not, right?

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