After five seasons, Arrow has seen its fair share of villains in Star City. With the renewal for Season 6, the show is poised to introduce even more villains into the Arrowverse! Here are seven villains straight from the comics that would make very cool additions to the streets of Star City:

7The Outsiders

Image Credit: DC Comics
(Sidenote before we start: I believe Arrow is at its best when the bulk of the crimefighting is at the gritty, street level. It isn’t impossible for Arrow to incorporate meta-humans or magical/mystical, but my personal opinion is that it needs to be kept to a minimum. Thus, my options will reflect as such.)
I wanted to start off with the Outsiders because I think they could make for a very cool story arc to take center stage over the majority of a season. This isn’t strictly a villain or group of villains, but easily could be adapted into something really cool.
The Outsiders are from a recent run in the New 52 Green Arrow comic highlighted in The Outsiders War. The basic premise of the story is that there are seven clans revolving around different totems or weapons: Arrow, Axe, Spear, Fist, Sword, Shield, and another clan based on an unknown weapon.
The purpose of this group was to keep civilizations in check and to be sure that corruption didn’t totally take over. However, power struggles and strife eventually splintered the different clans until they were at odds with each other.
In The Outsiders War, Oliver was shocked to learn that his father was alive, and not only that, he was actually the leader of the Arrow clan. Robert Queen had faked his death and orchestrated events to force Oliver to be shaped into a warrior. Obviously, Oliver did not take kindly to this but was forced to fight off numerous people in the clans.
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Eventually, it was revealed that Oliver had a half-sister, Emiko, from an affair Robert Queen had with Shado. Robert Queen eventually did truly die, but Oliver took his half-sister under his wing and trained her to be his new sidekick. Although much of the Outsiders arc revolved around mystical and magical elements, I think this could be adapted for Arrow using little to no magic.
It would definitely be a huge twist and an awesome storyline for Robert Queen to somehow be alive to learn the first five seasons of Arrow were actually set in motion by his clan to mold Oliver into the warrior he has become now. Obviously, Shado is dead on the show, but Robert Queen could have had a child with another woman and a half-sibling could exist that Oliver doesn’t know about.
Another interesting idea could be to have the Outsiders divided down the middle, with half of the clans coming to Oliver in order for him to take up the mantle of his deceased father as head of the Arrow clan and help restore order to the Outsiders.