This week, members of the writing staff came together to try and answer the question, “Who is Prometheus?”

All season long on Arrow, the mysterious masked archer has been a major thorn in the side of both Oliver Queen and his alter ego, Green Arrow. But who is beneath that mask and cowl? Theories across the internet range from the obvious to the outright insane. editor Barry Rice and writers Sarah Sharpe and Joey Coons sat down to hash it all out:

Barry: I’m gonna open up our conversation with this question: Does anybody buy the whole “Justin Clayborne’s Son” thing or are we in agreeance that it’s a gigantic red herring?

Sarah: At FIRST I thought it was a red herring… but they’re REALLY pushing it and wanting us to believe that it’s him! Oliver just went to his mom’s house, and she made it seem like she knows exactly what her son is doing! At this point, I’d believe that it’s him… even though I think it’s a GIGANTIC waste of potential for who this really could be.

Joey: No way. There is no way in the world that I am buying that. If it was him, why would he still need a mask? Or need one in the first place? If nobody knew he existed and all his info is erased, then there is no need for a mask. It’s a red herring in my opinion and it’s going to be a more shocking reveal. It certainly isn’t inconceivable for his “mom” to be paid off/forced to play that part.

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Sarah: All very true statements!

Barry: Here’s the thing: Sarah’s right that they’re pushing it awfully hard right now. And while I agree it would be a huge waste of potential if Prometheus turns out to just be some random guy who’s the son of Justin Clayborne (a character from Season who we never actually met in Season 1), the writers and producers of Arrow have made some pretty questionable choices in the last two years or so, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they went that route.

Joey: Hmmm. I mean, you’re right in saying that the writers have definitely made some questionable choices. At the end of the day, I guess it wouldn’t be the biggest letdown in the world if it truly is just Justin Claybourne’s son, but I would almost think it’s a way bigger waste to not have a major twist than to just stick to the “he’s his son” story.

Sarah: So… I just saw a post on Instagram where someone’s saying that they know it’s Tommy (and people are believing them even though this person has no evidence or proof). Here’s why it’s DEFINITELY not Tommy: The executive producers said that they really wanted Colin [Donnell] and Colton [Haynes] to be in Invasion!. Due to other commitments, they weren’t able to make that happen. I DOUBT the writers would make Prometheus be Tommy when they couldn’t even get him back for #Arrow100! There’s no way they could secure his availability for an eventual reveal when Colin’s already a lead on another show! This HORRIBLE theory needs to be stopped IMMEDIATELY!

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  • Interesting tidbits about Prometheus:
    1. He knows who the Green Arrow is. He has to kill that gang leader (can’t remember his name) when he revealed that the Green Arrow is Mayor Oliver. Prometheus did not like that people know his alter egos.
    2. He is very, very dead serious that no one is to touch the Green Arrow, that “he is mine” only.

    With those:
    a. It’s impossible that the informant is Prometheus, since he doesn’t want anyone to know Green Arrow’s real identity, he wouldn’t give out such information freely.
    b. It’s impossible to be Susan, she wouldn’t need an informant if she already knew who Oliver or Green Arrow is.

    Theory #1: It is Talia
    1. It is possible. I also think that Prometheus is a woman. Prometheus knows the secret of Green Arrow / Oliver Queen and is protecting that information.
    2. Prometheus is well verse with everything Arrow-y.
    3. The info that Prometheus was trained by Talia was only a theory, not a fact. If I remember correctly, at Prometheus moves like Talia.
    4. Talia wants Oliver to kill everyone in Oliver’s father’s list, Oliver failed to do this.
    5. Talia possibly waited for 4 years, re-training herself to ensure that she is in her best form.
    6. Talia’s “disappearance” is also a question, possibly something happened. These Prometheus “4 years of training” could also be linked to Talia nowhere to be seen after the Flashback period.
    7. Oliver killed Talia’s father. Prometheus, if Talia, is probably using the story of Oliver’s past to misdirect Oliver’s team from founding out who is behind Prometheus, after all, she knows very well how good Oliver and his team is in digging things that doesn’t want to be dug out. That story and her story matches, Oliver wouldn’t suspect it was Talia. Now why would Talia get “revenge” for Oliver killing his father, that could very well be related to the whole “Where in the world was Talia?”
    8. The best way misdirection is to be the total opposite of you. Talia is shorter and slim than most North Americans, Russians, and Europeans. She’s a woman. So wear an alter-ego that is a man and tall.
    9. She’s a daughter and member of the League of Assassins, she can have a lot of reasons for why she’s doing what she’s doing as Prometheus.
    10. Or Prometheus isn’t out for revenge, rather, if it is Talia, then she’s trying to get Oliver back to being a killing machine. Which, if I may point out, someone else in Team Arrow has started to go back to her old self… Felicity and her hacker vigilante old self. With everything that is happening with and around Oliver, Prometheus and Vigilante is pushing Oliver to kill, kill, and kill more.

    Another note, I don’t remember Prometheus and Vigilante ever met in the series yet. No, they’re not one person, but it is possible they’re both in this together. Maybe Vigilante is Quentin Lance when he’s not himself? That could explain why he woke up with an arrow point from Prometheus.

    • Joey Coons

      You have a lot of really great points! I still hold to my opinion that Talia isn’t Prometheus, but you sure do make a compelling argument! I think the biggest hang up for me would be the fact that Prometheus seems pretty bent on showing Oliver that he is a killer and destroys the lives of those around him. She trained him to be a ruthless mercenary, so it would be a bit of a double standard to me since she wanted him to fulfill the list of Robert.

      But with that said, the writers have done such a great job keeping the identity of Prometheus secret with very little clues on who it could actually be. It’s all speculation at this point!

      Appreciate your thoughts! You had a lot of good things to say! Feel free to interact with some of our other articles as well!

      • Haha yep, I’ve been thinking about those too, and the writers sure are having a lot of fun with all this.

        I like to add that I haven’t seen this much of secrecy in most shows, usually there are fan photo leaks. They really did well hiding who is behind that mask. Even in Flash during Earth-2 Zoom, not a single leak who was wearing the costume.

        Recently found your site and I like it a lot. Unique and the only one with all the news and takes on things. I’m not much of a fan of the comics (DC or Marvel), but sure a big fan of shared universes especially in live-action production, and fills that most important gap – information.

        Great job, keep it up!

        • Thanks so much for the kind words, Yuki! That’s exactly what I set out to accomplish when I created I’ve enjoyed your comments on the site, glad to have you as part of our community!

        • Joey Coons

          Thank you for your encouragement! That’s exactly how I found this page too! I was sick of the vocal minority who filled the other major pages with negative comments and silly rants. I loved this page for giving fair critique, but not needless criticism. I love this page! Thanks for supporting us!