Let’s be honest, before Season 5 Arrow was on some thin ice. The show had undergone changes and introduced storylines that had severely changed the whole nature of the show. Fans were becoming quite tired of the constant subpar output from a once great show. This season, although not without its faults, has done massive work to help restore the show to what it once was. Without a doubt, the success of Season 5 helped ensure that the show was renewed for its sixth season. That alone is exciting news for Arrow fans!

But what’s next for the show? It has been stated that the five-year story with Oliver’s flashbacks to when he was away from Star(ling) City will conclude after Season 5, and the show will move to a different format (which may still include some kind of flashback). I’ve come up with some possible ways Season 5 could end and how the show could move into Season 6. See what you think!

Oliver Beats Prometheus & Saves Star City (For Real).

This seems very obvious, but I would be remiss not to mention this possibility. This would be the most basic, almost poetic end to the five-year story that Arrow has produced so far. Oliver finds a way to beat Prometheus without killing him and actually saves Star City. Every other season has had Oliver really only somewhat save Star City (Season 1: The Glades Leveled by the Earthquake Machine, Season 2: the Mirakuru Army Leveled City, Season 3: Toxic Gas Killed Many, Season 4: Damien Darhk was defeated, but Star City was left heavily damaged). It would be nice to actually see Oliver have an outright victory with no strings attached! This ending would give way for Oliver to rise up to be the hero that he always wanted to become, mark the end of the five-year story, and give room for a new story to begin with Season 6.

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If this storyline plays out, there most certainly would need to be a shakeup in the current team lineup. There are far too many people on the team to sustain for more than one season (the season already feels very packed). Perhaps the new recruits will go to a new city after Season 5? Or maybe some key people will be killed off by Prometheus? Either way, the team will need to be smaller and more manageable for storytelling purposes after this season.

Oliver Beats Prometheus But Fails the City

This approach would be in keeping with how the rest of the series has played out. Oliver will find a way to defeat Prometheus, but in the process fails the city again. How would he fail the city? This could play out in many different ways. Maybe Prometheus tricks Oliver into killing many more people as he did with Billy Malone? Or perhaps Prometheus has a far bigger plan to cause Oliver even more pain. Prometheus wants Oliver to “wish he was dead,” so maybe he plans to really destroy the city in a massive way in an attempt to ruin Oliver’s life even further. It wouldn’t be inconceivable for Prometheus to have the last laugh (since he has been so methodical this season), even if he is defeated.

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  • WRX2_0

    I would love to see the writiers make it so the only way Ollie can beat Prometheus is to kill him. He could beat him in a 2nd or 3rd to last episode but Prometheus escapes, maybe have this happen a few times, and each time he escapes he kills someone close to Oliver. This would make Ollie come to the realization that the only way to beat Prometheus is to kill him. This could kick off season 6 to get Oliver back to his older Dark ways.

    • Joey Coons

      I definitely think they already have delved into that story a bit this season. I definitely think that Arrow should remain a dark, gritty crime drama, but I certainly don’t want to see him go back to season 1 Arrow. It would basically undermine so much of the character progression that Oliver had if he became a killer again!

      It would be cool to see him operate as a very seasoned veteran next year, and not be taken off guard by minor thugs. Maybe have some more cerebral villains instead of another dark weapon wielding villain?

      What do you think?