All the way back in August, the executive producers of The Flash announced that Team Flash would be returning to Earth-2 for a two-episode arc centered around Gorilla Grodd (David Sobolov). Tonight, the first half premiered. I’m going to be completely honest. Was I as excited watching it as I was the first half of last season’s Earth-2 arc? Not particularly. The team was actually trapped in cages for the majority of the hour. However, what the episode lacked in extreme action, it more than made up for in team dynamics and nostalgia.

The episode opened with Harry (Tom Cavanagh)–yes, Harry!–running for his life in the African jungle of Earth-2. Suddenly, he gets attacked by a giant gorilla. (Hello, Grodd!)

In the cortex, Jesse (Violett Beane) is telling the team that it’s been two weeks since her dad went to Gorilla City and hasn’t returned. Apparently, the gorillas sent them a mathematical cryptogram asking Harry to come to Gorilla City. He mounted an expedition with ten people to Africa and when there was no word from them, a search party was sent after them. They found the dead bodies of all of Harry’s co-workers, but not Harry. Barry (Grant Gustin) is sure that he’s still alive because the gorillas obviously needed him. Suddenly, H.R. walks in and Jesse confuses him for her father. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) remind her that he’s the doppelgänger they recruited before she left. Barry then remembers something about the future headlines.

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He brings the team into the Speed Lab and shows them the headline “City Still Recovering After Gorilla Attack”. He thinks that if they save Harry and stop Grodd from finding his way back to Earth-1, they can prevent another thing that leads to Iris’ (Candice Patton) death. He tells Jesse that he’s going back to Earth-2 to rescue her dad. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) volunteers to come along as Barry’s going to need him to open up breaches. Caitlin also volunteers as she thinks she might be able to get through to Grodd. Finally, Jesse volunteers but Barry tells her that her dad will kill him if he allows her to risk her life saving him. She reminds him that she has powers and can take care of herself but Barry tells her that that’s why he needs her to stay on Earth-1 to keep Central City safe along with Wally. Jesse doesn’t understand that last part and Wally reveals to her that he’s a speedster now, too. I’ve imagined this moment for months and what actually happened was far from anything I thought it would be like. Jesse has the most underwhelmed reaction possible. Both of us remembering that Jesse told Wally that she hoped he had gotten powers, as well, Wally and I were incredibly confused.

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