Last week’s episode of Supergirl failed to impress me despite having high expectations for a thrilling episode. This week, we got to see what the Luthors have been up to since the mid-season break. For me, this second season has been very unbalanced. The first part of the season was brilliant while the last few episodes have been largely disappointing. Outside of ‘Supergirl Lives,’ I feel like the show lost that magic that made it my favorite of the Arrowverse shows. While this week’s episode wasn’t quite as much of a train wreck as the one before it, there was still some damage done.

The episode opens with a flashback to when Lena was taken in by the Luthors. I was all kinds of excited to see Lex appear for the first time. True, it’s just him as a child, but could this mean adult Lex will be making an appearance in the near future? Let’s hope so because he would make a far more compelling character than either his mom or little sis Lena.

Best Superfriends Forever

It is interesting to see the Kara/Lena dynamic growing. When Lena was first introduced, I wondered if the writers were planning to go down the same path of the Clark/Lex relationship: building up the friendship and then having them become mortal enemies. For this formula to be successful, the friendship will have to be built up over a couple of seasons before pulling the rug out from under us. However, I’m not sure about this considering I’ve yet to find Lena to be an interesting character. Also, how many more times can the writers fool us with the “Oh look she’s evil — wait no she’s not!” bit. This trick has now been used twice with the ending left to make us wonder. I’m just not sure the writers have the patience to properly craft the character the way Lex was handled in Smallville. 

Another problem I had with this episode is the fact that Kara went out of her way to go against her friends to prove Lena was innocent. True, Lena was set up but the fact that Kara argued for her so strongly bothers me a lot. When did Kara and Lena become such good friends? They’ve only been around each other a handful of times. Yet, she treats her like they have been best friends for years! When I see the two of them together, I don’t get any sense that they have this grand relationship. In one scene, James talks about the Clark/Lex friendship and how Kara needs to be careful with Lena. Did I miss something? Have Kara and Lena been hanging out between episodes, going shopping and having ice cream together?

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

I literally wanted to throw my remote at the screen when Kara tried to argue that Lena’s alleged guilt should not be a front page story. Kara, need I remind you that YOU ARE A REPORTER! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BIASED! Yes, I realize that Kara was right and that Lena was innocent but that’s not the point. Her job still requires her to keep an open mind. Oh, that’s right, Kara and Lena are besties. First, you let Livewire escape and now this?

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