Last week, Oliver and Team Arrow spent most of the episode searching for a replacement for Black Canary. They found her in Tina Boland, a former Central City police detective who is now a metahuman with Canary Cry powers.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for last week’s episode, ‘Second Chances’!

At the episode’s end, Tina decided to give Team Arrow a try and revealed her real name: Dinah Drake. On the show, it gave her another important link to Laurel, making it almost seem like destiny for her to take on the Black Canary mantle. For comic book fans, the name is well-known as the secret identity of the original Black Canary from the 1940s.

The decision to bring Dinah Drake onto the show is not without controversy, though. So to hash it all out, we decided to have three members of our team — editor Barry Rice and staff writers Sarah Sharpe and Joey Coons — come together and discuss last week’s big revelation.

What follows is a transcript of our discussion (edited for content and clarity):

The Dinah Drake Twist

Barry: All right, let’s start by getting right to the heart of the thing. What did you think about the big “Dinah Drake” reveal?

Sarah: Sadly, I wasn’t able to watch the episode until Friday. That being said, I saw the spoiler on Facebook before I watched it. Definitely loved the twist! It’s funny because when I heard Wendy [Mericle, Arrow executive producer] say that they were bringing Black Canary back to her comic book roots, my theory was that they were going to turn Black Siren into Black Canary–as she’s a metahuman and from Earth-2 like Dinah Drake in the comics.

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Joey: To me, this was a great way to reincorporate Black Canary to the show. It honors Laurel’s dying wish, brings a character with a lot of potential backstory to explore, someone who has the real Canary Scream and can actually fight. It was a very fun way to give a nod to the comics, and bring in a new Canary.

Sarah: LIVING for the fact that Team Arrow officially has a meta-human!!!

Joey: They definitely need to put a cap on her power, though. She very easily could be so overpowered in every fight in Star City!

Sarah: That IS true… but it’s essentially the same as Laurel’s Canary Cry. I don’t think the fact that it’s a superpower really makes a difference.

Joey: Laurel’s cry never had the ability to flip cars! (pulling scenes from the ‘Bratva’ promo)!

Sarah: Good catch!

Barry: As I actually watched the episode, I found the reveal a little cheesy, but I did like that it wasn’t going to be a random nobody taking over the Black Canary mantle. I fully admit I’m not well-versed enough in DC lore to have realized the significance of the name “Dinah Drake” until I got online afterward.

Joey: I straight up geeked out when they gave the reveal of the name.

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