When Supergirl made the shift from CBS to The CW, the show made several improvements from its first incarnation. In many ways, it feels like a completely different program. All of the characters made several significant changes which impacted the feel of the show. Kara has dreams to become a serious reporter. Alex has found love. James and Winn are trying to become super heroes. However, my favorite character hasn’t had many opportunities to shine this season. I’ve been dying for an episode to heavily feature Mr. J’onn J’onzz.

It was my hope that tonight’s episode, ‘The Martian Chronicles’ would put my favorite character front and center. The previews made this out to be a chilling and tense hour with lots of my favorite Martian character. Unfortunately, this episode didn’t quite deliver on everything. While J’onn and Ms. Martian M’gann are given plenty of screen time, the episode gets a bit tired with all the interruptions so the characters can get in touch with their feelings.

Mars Attacks!

The plot for this week centers on the White Martians coming for M’gann, represented by her former lover. When the enemy manages to impersonate M’gann to get into the DEO, our friends realize that nobody is safe. The concept of “a bad guy that can look like anyone” is an age-old concept; however, I still enjoyed the tense moments of this episode. I wish there had been more. This week also marks the thirteenth anniversary of the day Kara landed on Earth. Rather than celebrate her adopted sister’s “Earth Birthday,” Alex would rather go to a Barenaked Ladies concert with girlfriend Maggie. Of course for us the viewers this means lots of exploring into Kara’s hurt feelings.

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

In addition to the Kara/Alex dynamic, we get further development in the relationship between J’onn and M’gann. Even when tracking the enemy, the characters explore their feelings. I thought this dampened the episode… a lot. I mean, seriously, is it realistic that J’onn and M’gann have a heart-to-heart when there is less than fifteen minutes before the building gets blown up? On the plus side, there was very little of Mon-El this week (although I have a feeling the Kara/Mon-El talk at the beginning was just a precursor to next week’s Valentine’s episode).

Art Reflecting Life

Like last week’s Livewire episode, this one had a neat little twist that I didn’t see coming. This definitely helped save the episode. It also allowed the chance to have Supergirl fight a character she normally would not fight. While the surprises did genuinely work for me, it still fell short of elevating this episode up to what it should have been.

Throughout this season of Supergirl, there’s been a recurring theme regarding alien xenophobia. It was great to see M’gann fully embrace her Green Martian skin as her former mate criticizes her as filth. The issue of the White Martians and their superiority echoes much of what is occurring in the world today. I’m hoping that we get more of this theme as the season progresses. I was really surprised regarding M’gann’s decision to return to Mars as I thought she and J’onn would have a romance. At least, we might get to see more of the White Martians in the future.

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

Hopeless in Love

Also, I’m going to have a small rant here. Kara says she decided not to pursue a romance with Mon-El because whenever she puts herself out there, it backfires. WHAT? Her only other attempt at romance was James, and SHE’S the one that ended it before a romance ever really began. Of course, Kara decides to tell Mon-El she has feelings for him only to find him dating someone else. Sigh. I guess some things aren’t changing from season one.

All in all, I think this could have been a stronger episode but got weighed down with too many “get in touch with our feelings” moments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against character development. In some episodes, these deeper moments work well and enhance that week’s episode. In the case of this week’s installment, it did the opposite.

Tune into next week’s Supergirl when we catch up with our favorite dysfunctional family the Luthors!

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