This week on Legends of Tomorrow, the villains took center stage. There was plenty of action with the Legends themselves, but don’t be fooled — this episode was titled ‘Legion of Doom’ for a reason.

Before watching this week’s installment, I hadn’t really realized how badly we needed this episode. It’s true, we had never gotten a clear idea of why Eobard Thawne wanted to Spear of Destiny or why Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk were working with him, but with all due respect, Legends of Tomorrow tends to sort of fly by the seat of its pants that way, so it didn’t especially bother me.

Perhaps the best part of the episode was the opening. When the producers said this week would be from the villains’ point of view, they weren’t kidding. Damien Darhk took over the intro narration and the Legends of Tomorrow logo swapped out the usual iconography for emblems representing the Legion of Doom.

An Extremely Flash-y Storyline

As the episode progressed, we learned not only how Malcolm Merlyn got involved with Eobard Thawne, but also what Thawne himself is running from. Turns out, it’s the Black Flash, the wraith-like creature created from Zoom at the end of The Flash Season 2.

In fact, there was a great deal of Flash lore involved in last night’s episode. Legends has always dipped its toes into the mythology of the two shows it was spun-off from, but I was a little surprised at how much knowledge of The Flash was required to fully grasp last night’s story.

First, there was the issue of Eobard Thawne being erased from history when Eddie Thawne killed himself at the end of The Flash Season 1. Then there was Eobard’s imprisonment by Barry Allen in The Flash Season 3 premiere. And then, of course, Eobard now being pursued by the Black Flash from The Flash Season 2 finale. That’s a lotta Flash lore for one episode of a show that’s not called The Flash!

Henchmen No Longer

One of my biggest gripes about this season (and bear it mind, it’s a minor gripe — I LOVE this season) has been how formidable villains Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk had been essentially reduced to henchmen. So it was incredibly refreshing to see the two characters themselves address that issue and, in the end, forcing Eobard to treat them as equals.

Aberrations and Memories

The other big secret revealed this week involved Dr. Stein’s daughter, Lily. After bringing her onboard the Waverider to help with the amulet, she inevitably learned that she is a time aberration. As Sara rightly points out, her continued existence is a problem. Of course, I’m pretty sure we all know how this is going to work out — Stein will use the Spear of Destiny to rewrite reality and allow Lily to live without being an aberration.

The Legion of Doom also recovered Rip’s missing memories but made some tweaks before returning them to his mind. Next week we’ll see how that plays out as Rip is out to kill General George Washington (for some reason!).

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