In a strange twist, tonight’s episode of The Flash (‘Dead or Alive’) appears to revolve heavily around… HR. That may seem like a bit of a strange focus given Iris’ impending death, but the team has no choice when a bounty hunter named Gypsy shows up to collect HR. In a new interview, actress Jessica Camacho discusses Gypsy and her relationship with the team — especially Cisco.

Now, if you’re familiar with the comic book version of Gypsy, you might have noticed from the trailer for tonight’s episode that the show’s version… well, she bears no real resemblance to her comic book counterpart whatsoever.

Who is Gypsy?

Here’s how Camacho describes her character: “Well, I think it’s obvious from the first seconds of watching her that she is just a truly capable, committed, confident foe. I mean, I don’t know if she’s a foe, but — when we see her — she’s very much on a mission and she very much knows what she’s looking for, what she intends to do and what she is willing to do in order to make that mission a success. So she is just an absolute force, I would say.”

“She’s an undefeated bounty hunter on a mission to bring HR Wells back to Earth-19 to stand trial…”

That’s vague, but okay, I’ll take it. What about a little backstory on Gypsy? “So she’s from Earth-19, which is where HR is from. She is sent to collect him, so we find out that she’s a bounty hunter, and she’s an undefeated bounty hunter on a mission to bring HR Wells back to Earth-19 to stand trial for violating one of their most sacred, important laws, which is no one is allowed inter-dimensional travel. You find out reasons why this law is so sacred to them and their earth, but her mission is to find HR and bring him back so that he can stand trial. So that’s what she’s doing when we first meet her.”

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Team Effort

Unfortunately for Gypsy, Team Flash is not about to let H.R. go without a fight. “When she walks into this situation and finds this team of people that have kind of banded behind and with HR, she’s like, ‘Wow, this is different! Okay!’ She’s very much up for the challenge. It’s something different for her, but it’s something where she’s like, ‘Okay, cool, then you can all be my opposition. That’s fine.'”

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