Arrow Season 5 has given us plenty of new characters to keep up with ever since its debut back in October. Whether it’s the new recruits, Adrian Chase (Star City’s new district attorney), or villains (Tobias Church and Prometheus), this season has provided many interesting story lines to build off of.

Perhaps one of the more interesting characters introduced this year is Susan Williams, played by actress Carly Pope. At first, she seemed to be just a reporter whose sole purpose was to trash the name of Oliver Queen as mayor. However, her character has made some interesting turns since her first appearance on the show. We found out in ‘Human Target’ that she has an associate who discovered Oliver was not on Lian Yu the entire time he was away from Star City. One would expect after having knowledge like this at her fingertips (and from her choice to publicize some sensitive information about Mayor Queen), that she may try to exploit Oliver.

However, she seemingly did the opposite by beginning a relationship with Oliver! Susan Williams’ character is still shrouded in mystery, and that mystery is something that could lend itself to some great storytelling for the rest of the season. So what’s up with Susan Williams, and where is her character heading? I’ve got a few possibilities and ideas we can consider given the clues that we have.

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Option 1: She is Just a Reporter

One option (even though it may not be as exciting) is that she is just a reporter who is trying very hard to undermine Oliver Queen’s mayoral career. Perhaps she has a major beef with the Queen family and is seeking a way to extract some kind of revenge against his family.

My thoughts

I don’t think that this will be the way the character goes. She has had way too much character development to take such a boring turn (and this would basically be the same story as Isabelle Rochev from Season 2). Not to mention the clue given in episode 5×09 when she and Oliver shared a drink from a bottle of Russian vodka. Given the fact that the flashbacks have been dealing with Oliver’s time in Russia, this can not be a coincidence.

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