If you’re a fan of superhero crossovers, the back half of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s second season should be right up your alley.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim appeared on EW’s radio show Superhero Insider this week and spilled all kinds of details on the characters we’ll be seeing on upcoming episodes of Legends. It looks like we’ll be seeing plenty of cross-pollination between the three Earth-1 Arrowverse shows.

Crossovers Galore

“We, just yesterday, made an offer to an actor to reprise their role from one of the other shows in the season finale of Legends,” said Guggenheim. “Oh, and in the penultimate episode we’re gonna have — I can’t be specific about this, but it’s one of the most fun things I think we’ve ever done on the show — a character from one of the other shows on Legends in a way that you’ve never seen before, you may never see again, but will, I think, just send fans into squeals of joy.”

It makes sense for all of these disparate characters to appear on Legends. The show was conceived as something of a mash-up of characters from both Arrow and The Flash to begin with. This season’s Legion of Doom also includes characters from both shows (Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk from Arrow, and Eobard Thawne and Leonard Snart from The Flash).

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Getting Flash-y

Guggenheim was also asked if the show would be taking advantage of the new timeslot following The Flash by introducing more synergy between the two shows. “We’re going to be seeing the Black Flash on Legends,” he said. “Lily Stein [Martin Stein’s daughter], who was introduced in Flash 308, makes an appearance next week. So there’s a fair amount of Flash-ness going on in Legends. I wish I could say that we were so smart to take advantage of the new timeslot and do that, but we weren’t that smart. We just had already sort of been doing that organically anyway when we found out about the new timeslot.”

There is one upcoming episode where Guggenheim felt they might be able to take advantage of the new timeslot, though. “I will say this: There’s a love scene in episode 11 and we were in the editing room on it — it’s a love scene, it gets a little steamy — and I was joking, ‘Let’s take that 9 p.m. timeslot out for a spin.’”

You can check out the entire conversation with Guggenheim below:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW, following The Flash.

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