Can the future be changed or is it set in stone? 

Tonight’s episode was all about new beginnings in a way. Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) began his new career as a superhero; H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) began the new cover for STAR Labs (more on that in a bit); Julian (Tom Felton) began a new partnership (also more on that in a bit); and Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry (Grant Gustin) began the rest of their lives together…for better or for worse. (No, they did not get married.) The future may look bleak but Barry…and Wally…and Cisco (Carlos Valdes)…and everyone (except for one person)…are going to do everything they can in their power to change it. Here’s how it all went down.

The episode began with…well, if we’re talking about the very beginning…a brand new intro. (Remember when EP Andrew Kreisberg said they were thinking about changing it?) Instead of talking about creating Flashpoint and changing the timeline, Barry now talks about seeing Iris die and attempting to change the future. After that, major déjà vu for the first scene. Remember when the midseason premiere last season opened with Barry having a nightmare about Zoom (Teddy Sears) killing Patty (Shantel Van Santen) and then waking up right next to her? Same thing happens here except it’s about Savitar and Iris and he wakes up next to her in their still-not-unpacked apartment. Oh! …And that nightmare really did happen.

Iris tells Barry that he’s been screaming in his sleep for three nights in a row and asks him what he’s been dreaming about. He avoids the question and tells her that he wants to unpack as it’s already been a month. Suddenly, they get texts about a fire. Iris tells Barry to go put it out as “Wally’s gonna beat [him] there.” He kisses her and speeds out of the loft.

Wally and Barry arrive at the fire and see that Detective Patterson (Greg Grunberg) is trapped inside. Barry talks Wally through how they’re going to put it out and tells him to open a door as he creates a wind funnel. He extinguishes the fire and speeds Patterson out of the building. The detective sees that The Flash has a new partner.

When they arrive back at STAR Labs, Wally asks Barry how he stays so calm. He says it’s all about experience and reminds him why it’s important to shadow him before he goes out alone. Wally tells Barry and Cisco that he’s going to meet Joe (Jesse L. Martin) for breakfast and speeds away…but not before hanging his suit on Hubert. The boys then see Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) struggling with her power dampening cuffs as the batteries are running low. Cisco tells her that she needs to charge them–an idea Caitlin’s not too crazy about. She asks Cisco to fix them for her. H.R. then arrives on a segway and announces that the STAR Labs Museum is ready for its (soft) opening.

Wally arrives at CCPD and overhears Patterson talking to Joe and a fellow cop about “the yellow guy”. He says he’s not impressed by the new speedster as he just stood there while he was waiting for The Flash to save him and assumes he’s just cowardly…or slower than The Flash. He even suggests sending him to Keystone. Joe backs Wally up and tells him that “Kid Flash” is going to surprise him one day. He then finds Wally and asks him if he heard any of it. Wally pretends that he didn’t and the two head off to eat.

H.R. brings Caitlin, Cisco, and Barry downstairs and shows them the museum. Cisco asks who’s paying for it. H.R. dodges the question and introduces them to their new co-worker, Olga (Lindsay Maxwell)–a woman who only speaks Russian. He also suggests that Caitlin work the cappuccino stand. Cisco states his disapproval for the whole idea so H.R. tells him that the museum is mainly for two things: 1) income (because how have Cisco and Caitlin been making money the past two and a half years) and 2) a cover for STAR Labs. (How H.R. thinks inviting millions of people into a place that has superheroes constantly speeding in and out of it is a good idea is beyond me, but okay, dude… You do you.) He then shows them the hilarious hologram he made of Cisco. (Let’s just say that Cisco’s “love of SCIENCE” is forever burned in my brain.) The program malfunctions and when H.R. asks for Cisco’s help, he and Caitlin quickly leave.

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