With everything going on in her life right now, there’s one thing Kara Danvers hasn’t quite figured out just yet: who is the Guardian? The new armored hero has been making his presence known on the last few episodes of Supergirl, but his identity is a secret to the Girl of Steel. Of course, the audience knows full well who it is — Kara’s friend and boss, James Olsen, aided by her other friend and co-worker, Winn Schott.

Actor Mechad Brooks, who plays Olsen, tells TVLine in an episode later this season, Kara “finds out in a very dramatic fashion that James is the Guardian.”

Kara’s reaction is likely to be quite dramatic, as well. Not only will she be upset at her friend risking his life in such a way, but the fact that both of her friends choose to keep this secret from her will surely hurt her.

Dueling Journalists

On Monday’s midseason premiere, Kara will still be in the dark regarding Guardian, which leads to some humorous headbutting at CatCo Worldwide. “I’m writing my article on how amazing the Guardian is and how he stopped the crime, and Kara’s writing her article about Supergirl,” says Brooks. “We’re having a secret war. It’s just a little funny scene where both of us are trying to push our agendas.”

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

The Supergirl midseason premiere (directed by Kevin Smith) will air on Monday, January 23 at 8/7c on The CW.

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