In the pages of DC Comics, Talia al Ghul is the daughter of Ra’s who commands the most attention. On Arrow, however, her sister Nyssa has been the one in the spotlight — until now. With Talia finally about to appear on the series, could Nyssa return as well?

Actress Katrina Law portrayed Nyssa al Ghul for two seasons on Arrow (and one short appearance on Legends of Tomorrow last season). Law will soon appear as a main cast member in CBS’ Training Day, set to debut on February 2.

Canadian actress Lexa Doig is set to appear as Talia al Ghul later this season on Arrow in what is said to be a “crucial role” in the Prometheus mystery.

Meet the al Ghuls

Cinema Blend talked to Law this week and asked about the possibility of Nyssa returning to Arrow. “There’s always talk. Whether or not those talks will ever come to fruition is another matter, but I would love to have a reunion with Talia,” said Law. “I just think having the two sisters either fight side by side together or fight with each other would be epic either way. And then if we could somehow do some sort of flashback with Ra’s al Ghul coming in as well… Let’s petition to make that happen.”

“I would love to have a reunion with Talia.”

That would definitely be epic and, let’s face it, if you’re going to have the two al Ghul sisters together, you might as well bring in Ra’s, as well.

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A Matter of Timing

The problem is that Training Day is now keeping Law extremely busy. When she was asked whether CBS might let her pop over for an appearance on Arrow, Law answered, “We shall see. I don’t know. It was a pretty brutal shooting schedule in the first season, so I’m probably going to have to lean towards ‘no,’ but I’m always hopeful and optimistic.”

Who knows, though? Arrow was recently renewed for Season 6, so even if Nyssa doesn’t return this season, perhaps Law could become available to reunite with Talia sometime next year.

Arrow returns from winter hiatus on Wednesday, January 25 at 8/7c on The CW. You can check out Katrina Law on Training Day when it premieres on Thursday, February 2 at 10/9c on CBS.

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