With just two weeks left to go until the Legends of Tomorrow midseason premiere, the episode’s photo gallery has finally been released. ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ will find our team in 1967 attempting to fix a time aberration that makes George Lucas (Matt Angel) drop out of film school (subsequently impacting the lives and careers of Ray and Nate)…and getting Rip (Arthur Darvill) back from the Legion of Doom.

The photos mainly show the crew looking stylish in the ’60s but one photo in particular sticks out: Stein (Victor Garber) as he is about to do brain surgery on Mick (Dominic Purcell). The synopsis for the episode tells us that “Rory asks Stein for help and makes him promise to keep it a secret from the team”. Does Mick think something’s actually wrong with him because he’s been hallucinating Snart (Wentworth Miller)? Or could something else entirely be going on?

It was announced this summer at San Diego Comic-Con that Captain Cold will be joining the Legion of Doom. Episode 2×10 is titled ‘The Legion of Doom’. One could theorize that that is the episode when the final member will join the team, which just leaves one episode to resurrect the former Legend. Could Mick be getting visions from beyond the grave? A crazy theory…but this show is at its best when its at its craziest. (Marc Guggenheim even warned us how bonkers the upcoming episode is going to be…)

Photo Gallery & Extended Trailer for 'The Flash' Season 4 Premiere

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns on January 24th at 8/7c on The CW, immediately following the midseason premiere of The Flash.