Team Flash will be up to their elbows in problems when The Flash returns later this month. A few details about what to expect have now come to light.

Executive producer Aaron Helbing spoke with TV Line to preview the remainder of Season 3. The big story, of course, is Savitar’s future murder of Iris. In the mid-season finale, ‘The Present,’ Barry accidentally traveled five months into the future where he witnessed Savitar killing Iris.

Saving Iris West

In that same moment, though, Barry and Jay managed to trap Savitar in the speed force. Or did they? “That will be an itch that Barry can’t scratch,” says Helbing. “Like, ‘How is this possible?'”

The mission for Barry will now be to make sure the future he saw never happens. “Now that Barry has gotten a glimpse of the future, he will be trying to do whatever it takes to save her,” says Helbing. “Everybody will play a huge part in that, because Iris is part of the team.”

Killer Frost and Gypsy

Speaking of everybody else, there are also big plans for the rest of Team Flash. As Caitlin continues to wrestle with her newfound powers, Helbing says there are “big, exciting plans” for her.

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Actress Jessica Camacho will be guest-starring later this season as Gypsy, a character very familiar to DC Comics fans. Helbing says Cisco will find her to be “a very strong adversary.” At the same time, she’ll be “someone he can’t stop thinking about.” (Do we smell a love connection?)

A New Ally and a Former Foe

Meanwhile, Wally will continue in his new role as Kid Flash, though Helbing admits he’ll be going into it “a little half-cocked.”

Barry’s office mate, Julian, will be looking to turn over a new leaf. Helbing says Julian “feels culpable, and wants to make amends.”

The Flash returns on Tuesday, January 24 at 8/7c on The CW.

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