We know how hard it is to wait for the new episodes of our favorite shows to return but we here at hope that everyone is having a great holiday season! What’s a holiday without presents, though? Over the course of the last three weeks, eight new video previews have been released for all four midseason premieres: four trailers and four sneak peeks. We have (almost) all of them here for your viewing pleasure.

First off is Kevin Smith’s highly anticipated first episode of Supergirl, ‘Supergirl Lives’–based off the title of his Nicholas Cage-helmed Superman Lives film script which never saw the light of day. While the movie may not sound too appealing, the midseason premiere is sure to be a redemption of sorts for his work surrounding the Kryptonian cousins.

The trailer begins with Alex (Chyler Leigh) giving a pep talk to the DEO’s newest agent, Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan). It looks like we’ll be seeing the last of the super-friends suit up and go out into the field! We also see the return of gambling maven Roulette (Dichen Lachman) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) visiting some alternate planet/dimension with a red sun…which we all know makes her as vulnerable as a human.

The sneak peek for the upcoming episode shows us what Mon-El (Chris Wood) has been up to since being cured from the Medusa virus: he’s working as a bartender at the alien bar…and apparently not doing a very good job. Kara tells him about a missing girl that she hopes to find. It’s very cute scene between these two fledgling lovers. Click here to watch it.

Moving on to Tuesday night, The Flash is moving full-speed ahead with Barry’s (Grant Gustin) mission to save Iris (Candice Patton). In the trailer for the midseason premiere, titled ‘Borrowing Problems from the Future’, Barry spills the beans to Iris and sets out on his plan to change the future. According to executive producer Aaron Helbing, Barry’s going to get “critical assists” from Vibe (Carlos Valdes) and Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale), as showcased in the trailer. Oh, and did we mention that Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) still having issues with her villainous alter ego?

The sneak peek for this episode shows us another first day on a job: Wally’s first day as Kid Flash. While Wally and the team are celebrating the speedsters’ take-down of Plunder (remember that name from Barry’s little trip to the future?), Barry reprimands his protégé for not following orders. We also learn from H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) that it’s opening day for the STAR Labs Museum. Click here to watch it.

Airing immediately after The Flash at 9/8c on Tuesday nights starting next month is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and things sure are looking exciting now that we know where Rip (Arthur Darvill) is. The new episode is titled ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ and will focus on the team’s mission to rescue their captain from the Legion of Doom (a nickname that Sara apparently despises).

PS: What is going on with Nate (Nick Zano) and Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers)?!?!?

PPS: We also see some footage from episode 2×11, ‘Turncoat’, so I think it’s safe to say that all trailers include footage from the next several episodes.

Sadly, the sneak peek for the episode has yet to appear online but it is free on The CW app. It’s a beautiful scene between a distraught Sara (Caity Lotz) and Jax (Franz Drameh). After having lost Rip to the Legion of Doom, he gives her a pep talk and assures her that they will get their captain back.

Finally, Arrow will return with its midseason premiere, titled ‘Who Are You?’. The trailer appeared online last night and strangely, this might be the first trailer in the history of the Arrowverse that we have to give a big ol’ spoiler warning for. Do not watch this if you don’t want to know how Laurel (Katie Cassidy) returned!!! That being said, proceed with caution:

For those of you who guessed it correctly, congrats! Yes, Black Siren has escaped from the pipeline! So, while the titular ‘who’ may be answered, we still are left to figure out ‘how’ and ‘why’–questions that are sure to be addressed when the show returns.

In the sneak peek, however, Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle (David Ramsey) are still none the wiser. They discuss Laurel’s bizarre resurrection, Prometheus, and John’s plan to fight the charges against him.

And that’s it! We’ll be sure to post the synopses and photo galleries for the episodes as soon as they’re released but, until then, have a very happy new year and make sure to tune in to all four season premieres on the fourth week of January.