While we’re checking in with Team Flash one more time before next week’s episode of The Flash airs in the final part of the crossover tonight, we didn’t want to wait any longer to share these incredible photos and the exciting trailer for the midseason finale. While we have some photos of the rest of the team in the speed lab (all admittedly looking pretty glum), the gallery features what are sure to be two epic fights: One where Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) team up against Alchemy…and another where the two speedsters team up against Earth-3’s version of The Trickster–Mark Hamill as James Jesse. Talk about nostalgia.

The trailer begins with a sight we’re all incredibly used to: Christmas at the West house. Two things that are different this year from years past, though? Tom Cavanagh’s character joins the festivities and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker)–who looks like she finally has control over her powers–is making it snow. Things immediately escalate, however (like they always do during the holidays), as it looks like Barry time travels again, The Flash of two worlds fight the god of speed, and someone potentially gets fatally injured. Yep. Just another Christmas in Central City.

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Something we can hopefully look forward to tonight, though–Barry and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) reconciling. During the LA press screening of the crossover, Arrow and Legends EP Marc Guggenheim revealed this satisfying info about FlashVibe:

“As far as Flash is concerned, obviously based on Episode 7 of Flash, Cisco and Barry were probably at their lowest point because Cisco learned that Dante died in the Flashpoint conundrum, to suddenly make it a Big Bang Theory title. But their friendship has been renewed through the course of these episodes. So when we come back in Episode 9, Team Flash is in a really good place and strong again, which they need to be, because they’re going to confront Savitar in Episode 9.”

The conclusion of the ‘Invasion!’ crossover airs at 8/7c tonight and The Flash‘s midseason finale, ‘The Present’, airs December 6th also at 8/7c on The CW.