We’re officially one week away from the start of the long-awaited four-night crossover, ‘Heroes Vs. Aliens’, and The CW has gifted us with four brand new posters for the event showcasing the multiverse’s greatest heroes.

The Supergirl poster has the Girl of Steel (Melissa Benoist) front-and-center with Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) behind her and a breach on her right. Also, hiding in the back left-corner, you can spot one of the terrifying Dominators–the alien race that will be invading Earth-1 and targeting meta-humans–and above her shoulder, their spaceship flies high in the sky.

The Flash poster has the Scarlet Speedster (Grant Gustin) front-and-center with only one other member of Team Flash joining him: Cisco (Carlos Valdes). Cisco’s standing in front of the breach as he’ll be the one responsible for bringing Supergirl over to his Earth.

The Arrow poster features OTA (Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle) with the Emerald Archer (Stephen Amell) front-and-center and the Legends poster features White Canary (Caity Lotz), The Atom (Brandon Routh), Heatwave (Dominic Purcell), and Firestorm (Franz Drameh) with the Waverider hovering in the upper-right corner.

In a clever feat of marketing, the four posters, when put together, form one singular banner. While the building behind everyone may look extremely similar to DC’s Hall of Justice (and may very well be a nod to the famed headquarters), if you look above Cisco’s head, you can see that it’s actually STAR Labs. As we learned when we first met Cisco and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) all the way back in season 2 of Arrow, STAR Labs has many different facilities and, interestingly enough, several scenes in the crossover will take place at their Aerospace Division.

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Two other interesting pieces of news regarding the crossover were recently revealed. First of all, David Ramsey confirmed at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest this weekend that Diggle will indeed be finding out about Baby Sara next week and will lecture Barry about his “misuse of power”. Speaking of Barry, Jax and Professor Stein (Victor Garber) will be telling him about his future self’s message to Rip (Arthur Darvill) at some point during the crossover. How much more will we as an audience learn about the secret transmission, though? Garber (like the show) is keeping us guessing:

“It sort of comes out in dribs and drabs. It’s a big mystery and a big deal. It’s a spoiler if I give you too much information, but it’s just part of the whole mystery of time travel and the fact that this is coming from Barry years later and then when he finds out — and that all happens in the crossover, so it just sort of unfolds as these things do on these shows, and lots of things occur in that time period.”

We still have seven days ahead of us until Barry and Cisco cross the multiverse but, until then, make sure to tune in to ‘The Darkest Place’ tonight and ‘Killer Frost’ tomorrow both at 8/7c on The CW.

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