When it comes to Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Lance Aufresser is a pretty familiar face on Facebook.

Lance runs the biggest collection of Facebook Groups dedicated to the DC CW shows (and others). He’s also a friend of, and we enjoy taking a few minutes from time to time to chat with Lance and get his take on the latest Arrowverse happenings.

At the moment, all eyes are on the upcoming four-show crossover, Invasion! (or as The CW is marketing it, Heroes vs. Aliens). So we caught up with Lance to talk about the upcoming event and, as a bonus, we even gave his eight-year-old son Jordan a chance to tell us about his favorite show, The Flash.

(Note: You can check out our previous interviews with Lance here. We’ll have the full list of Lance’s Facebook Groups at the end of this article). Let’s start by catching up on all four shows. There have been a lot of changes this season on Supergirl. What’s your take on the latest developments with Alex, James, and Mon-El?

Lance: Alex: the last few episodes with her had some great character development and storytelling. You really felt bad for her when she confessed her feelings to Detective [Sawyer]. I hope this doesn’t stop her emotionally and maybe, just maybe they will indeed be a couple.

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Lance Ausfresser
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James: I’ve said it numerous times in my live chats as well in our Supergirl group that I couldn’t see him portraying Jimmy Olsen. Seeing him as the Guardian fits him better. But still, it’s JIMMY OLSEN…just kinda off. But, cool to see him in costume. I hope the costume gets the old school look in terms of color.

Mon-El: You have to agree with him…there’s no written rule that he needed to be a superhero like Kara. He’s still a new player on the show, gonna be interesting to see what happens now that Cadmus has him.

In our last interview, you correctly guessed that Savitar was working with Doctor Alchemy on The Flash. What did you think of the show’s Transformers-style take on Savitar?

Now the bigger question would be: who is working for who? My hunch, Dr. Alchemy is Savitar’s lackey.

In regard to the costume, they kinda dropped the ball on this. Hopefully, there’s a guy beneath all that armor. Time will tell.

We’ve had a few more weeks to get to know the new Team Arrow. You said previously that Wild Dog was your favorite amongst them. Is that still true?

Wild Dog is the man. He’s ready to bring the fight to the enemy. He took a huge beatdown from Tobias [Church], and he was ready to get back into it.

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Totally still my favorite with Team Arrow’s new additions.

Any new guesses as to who Prometheus really is and what his tie is to Oliver?

Definitely not [Quentin] Lance, we’re doing this interview before tonight’s new episode of Arrow. [Editor’s Note: this interview was conducted just prior to episode 5×07 ‘Vigilante,’ with Quentin’s trip to rehab and the big Artemis reveal.] Maybe we’ll get a few more answers before the big reveal. I don’t think it’s Tommy Merlyn though. Maybe someone from his flashbacks.

You weren’t thrilled with the first episode of Legends of Tomorrow this season. What are your thoughts now that we’ve had time to meet the JSA and see the beginnings of the Legion of Doom?

Steel and Vixen [are] definitely an asset to the team right now. I was hoping for more JSA, even when they time traveled to the 80s, I was hoping to see a new JSA roster. I am curious to see how Jay Garrick is gonna fit into all of this on the show.

With the Legion of Doom, we’re getting ready to see the core members. I say “core” because if you know the history of the Legion of Doom in comics, TV, and animated DVDs, you know the roster is always more than four. So, I’ve stated several times that we’re gonna see more villains from the various four shows join up as well. That would be another huge crossover right there.

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