I’m going to do something different this week with my Arrow recap. While episode 5×07 ‘Vigilante’ was one of the most entertaining entries so far this season, it was pretty straightforward. There were several story threads interwoven, so instead of giving a play-by-play, let’s just talk about each thread separately.

Team Arrow vs. Vigilante

The main thrust of this week’s episode was an effort by Oliver and the team to stop a new vigilante in Star City. Armed to the teeth, this new player is extremely generous with his bullets, killing every suspect he encounters — and even a few civilians along the way.

Soon the team learns that the vigilante’s name is, well, Vigilante. They set up a fake bank robbery to lure him in. It works until he takes Mr. Terrific hostage. After a brief tussle, Oliver manages to detain Vigilante. When Ollie reaches to remove the killer’s mask, though, a booby trap goes off, allowing him to escape.

DC Comics fans will know that Vigilante is really Adrian Chase, a Gotham City district attorney whose family was killed by criminals. Of course, there’s no Gotham City on Arrow, but there is a new D.A. named Adrian Chase. It’s never explicitly shown, but we get some heavy hints that Chase is the show’s version of Vigilante, too.

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More than any other character introduced this season, I was really impressed with Vigilante. His suit was intricately detailed and he truly came off as a bad ass. Looking forward to more from this guy.

Quentin Lance

Quentin has a nice story thread with Thea sprinkled throughout the episode. He tenders his resignation as deputy mayor, but of course, Thea won’t accept that. Back at his apartment, he shows her the throwing star and tells her about waking up with blood on his hands.

In a touching scene, Thea drives Quentin to rehab. She forces him to confront his grief over Laurel’s death, and the two share a few nice surrogate father/daughter moments.

Surely, Quentin isn’t really Prometheus. If he is, it would have to be because of some kind of mind control. But then again, he’s blacking out because he’s drunk; I can’t imagine he’d be much use in that state, even if he was being manipulated. Then again, what’s the point of tricking Quentin into thinking he’s Prometheus? Hmm…it’s a mystery.

Oliver and Susan

Susan Williams drops by Oliver’s office early in the episode and convinces him to meet her for a drink that evening. Ollie actually shows up and the two have a nice conversation, with Susan being unusually complimentary.

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At the episode’s end, Susan shows up as Oliver is leaving the office for the day. The two sneak off together for another drink.

At first, it was easy to dislike Susan, since she clearly had it out for Oliver. After this episode, though, I find her refreshing. It’s high time Oliver had a love interest whose name didn’t rhyme with “beblicity.”


Most of the flashbacks in Russia revolve around a dinner table set by Konstantin Kovar. Oliver has been tortured extensively but has apparently revealed nothing. Kovar tried to convince Oliver that the Bratva is manipulating him, using them for their own benefit. Ollie’s hearing none of it, though, and stabs Kovar through the hand with a dinner knife.

Later, Oliver attempts to fight Kovar but loses badly. The Bratva then arrive, confirming that they did indeed make a deal with Kovar.

Man, I am loving Dolph Lundgren as Kovar. I’m a fan of Lundgren from his action movie heyday (yes, I’m old), but I never realized what a good actor he was. There’s a subtle nuance to each word and gesture that is pure brilliance. And, of course, we finally get to see him go up against Oliver this week and it. was. glorious. You could see the speed and power behind every punch Kovar threw. It was literally painful to watch. Great stuff.

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With the except of Quentin’s suspicions that he may be the masked archer, Prometheus is suspiciously absent this week…

…Until the very end of the episode, that is. Artemis is waiting on a rooftop when Prometheus arrives. She assures him that she wasn’t followed and that no one suspects a thing.

Wow, I definitely didn’t see that coming. In some ways I’m grateful because it’s the only character development Evelyn’s had all season, but I can’t imagine what her connection to Prometheus could possibly be.


Next week, Arrow takes a break for the Thanksgiving holiday. Then the show returns on November 30, it’ll be the Arrow 100th episode PLUS the middle chapter of the epic Invasion! crossover.

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