Dr. Alchemy finally sets his sights on Wally

All around the Arrowverse, super teams are expanding. This week on Supergirl, Mon-El (Chris Wood) decided that he was going to be a hero and James (Mehcad Brooks) suited up as Guardian for the first time. Oliver (Stephen Amell) has four new recruits working with him on Arrow and Citizen Steel (Nick Zano) and Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) have officially become Legends of TomorrowThe Flash can run from the same fate but it can’t hide. Funny enough, fate was basically what tonight’s episode was about. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) faced theirs head-on in what was a heart-pounding and heart-breaking episode. Let’s talk about it.

The episode opens with Wally (yes, Wally) giving a voiceover about how he’s running around Central City and being a hero. He loves it. It’s all he’s ever wanted. He’s a guardian angel. (Sound familiar?) We see the young speedster saving a little girl when the scene cuts to Wally telling Joe (Jesse L. Martin) about his dreams of Kid Flash. Joe immediately recognizes this as the same thing that happened to Frankie (Joey King). He knows Wally’s in trouble but Wally refuses to believe that anything dangerous is happening.

At CCPD, Julian (Tom Felton) tells Barry (Grant Gustin) that even though they opened up to each other and got drinks together, they’re not friends. They’re also working on their sixth epidermal husk when Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) informs Barry that he’s going to be a meta-human CSI full-time, making him and Julian officially partners. Joe then comes in and Cecile tells him that she’s excited for their date. Barry fanboys over #Joecile and Joe tells Barry what Wally told him. Hearing that he knows the name Kid Flash, Barry confirms Joe’s suspicions.

At STAR Labs, H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) actually starts making some incredibly smart suggestions…well, kind of. One thing he does point out (something the fandom has been saying all along) is that, one day, people are going to start connecting The Flash to STAR Labs. Therefore, he proposes that they turn STAR Labs into the STAR Labs Museum (something we know is going to come to fruition) and that he becomes the face of the company. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) informs him that that can’t happen because Harrison Wells is known as a murderer on this Earth. H.R. asks why they didn’t mention that when they recruited him. Cisco counters with reminding him about his exaggerated resumé. When he leaves the workshop, Cisco can see that something’s on Caitlin’s mind. Caitlin tells him that she’s just tired. He leaves to go get coffee and Caitlin stares longingly at a set of power-dampening handcuffs.

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

Back at the West house, Barry tells Wally, Joe, and Iris (Candice Patton) that Wally was indeed Kid Flash in Flashpoint. He also tells him that he got hurt. Wally is psyched about the possibility of becoming a speedster but Joe is completely against it. Wally takes his disapproval to mean that he doesn’t trust him. He leaves the house, hurt. Then, somewhere in Central City, a giant shadow attacks and kills a stock broker.

Julian and Barry arrive at the crime scene but they can’t find any DNA. Barry invites Julian to movie night (aka, Joe and Cecile’s date) but Julian says he has plans with his girlfriend–new information to both Barry and us. Joe then talks to Barry and tells him that the reason he didn’t give Wally an explanation is because he doesn’t trust Wally with super-speed, unlike Barry. He also tells Barry that he and Iris can’t find him. Barry offers to look but feels bad that Alchemy (Tobin Bell) is ruining Joe’s attempt at a love life.

In the speed lab, Cisco calls for H.R. over the comms. A strange man walks in but his face changes to reveal that it’s H.R. He tells Cisco and Caitlin that his Earth has facial transmogrification technology and that the man they just saw was his partner at his STAR Labs, Randolph Morgan. (Take that, Human Target!) He proposes the mask as a way to go out in public. (Much better than the baseball cap Harry wore all last season. Certainly didn’t help with Detective Spivot.) Cisco called H.R. because he knows that he stole his power cuffs. H.R. says he didn’t take them. Barry calls the three of them up to the cortex.

He shows them the case he’s working on and Cisco pulls up security footage of the attack. H.R. names the meta “Shade” as they had a similar meta on Earth-19 with that name. He tells them that he was able to vibrate at such a high frequency that he was able to create the illusion that he was a shadow. Caitlin and Cisco theorize that they need to slow down his molecules enough to catch him.

'The Flash' Unveils New Logo for Season 4

Joe finds Wally at CCPD and tells him that he reminds him of himself was he was younger–he was also a risk taker. He also tells him if he had gotten powers from the particle accelerator, he would probably be reacting differently…but he’s getting them the same way Magenta and The Rival (Todd Lasance) did. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Wally. He doesn’t trust Alchemy. All of a sudden, Wally starts getting painful visions of him being impaled by Clariss.

Back in Cisco’s workshop, Caitlin reveals to Cisco that she took the cuffs. He wonders why when she freezes a glass of water in front of him. She tells him that her mother wasn’t able to help her and asks him to vibe her–because if she becomes evil, she can’t stay and put everyone in harm’s way. He echoes what Barry told him last season…that just because she has the same powers as her doppelgänger, it doesn’t mean she’s going to become her. She just wants to be sure so Cisco grabs her hand and vibes what I know we’re all looking forward to next week: the two of them, suited up, throwing icicles and sonic blasts at each other. A true battle between Vibe and Killer Frost. He comes out of the vibe and tells her he didn’t see anything. She thanks him and asks him not to tell anyone.

Back in the speed lab, Caitlin is running tests on Wally who looks fine. H.R. proposes that they lock Wally up so he can’t find Alchemy. Wally agrees to the plan. Joe’s about to cancel his date with Cecile when Iris, Barry, and Wally tell him to keep it. Cisco, Caitlin, and H.R. agree to go in their place. Before they leave, though, H.R. does some voodoo with the bio-mask and makes it so that while the team sees his face, everyone else will see Randolph.

At the park, Cisco and H.R. argue over where to set up. Cisco then tells him go get candy but H.R. tells him that he needs money because Earth-1 probably doesn’t except Helbings. (Cute little nod to two of the show’s executive producers! Also…how did he buy that coffee two weeks ago?!?) With H.R. gone, Caitlin asks Cisco what he really saw in his vibe. He tells her that he saw them fighting with their powers and that she does become Killer Frost. Caitlin asks him if he’s ever vibed anything that hasn’t come true and he answers with Earth-2’s apocalypse but that doesn’t mean that can’t still happen. He begs her to tell everyone else because they can still help her. Caitlin tells him it’s too late. (And in that moment, these two “meta-frenemies” shattered my heart.)

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

Joe and Cecile are getting food when Cecile notices that Joe’s constantly checking his phone. He tells her that he’s worried about Wally and Cecile offers to take a raincheck. Joe says it’s okay but he can’t help but constantly think about his kids and Cecile says that she knows what he’s talking about. Apparently, she has an 18-year old daughter. Joe feels guilty that he’s keeping Cecile from her. She reveals that she’s just happy Joe finally asked her out. He is, too.

In the cortex, Barry and Iris are keeping their eyes on Wally who’s in a cell in the pipeline. Iris tells Barry that Wally just wants to help people, a feeling she understands. With everyone else having powers and/or being a scientist, she can’t help but feel helpless. Barry echoes what he said in ‘Grodd Lives’ and reassures her that there is no Flash without Iris West. (Awwwwwwww!)

Back at the park, H.R. introduces himself to Cecile and is immediately smitten with the DA. Joe’s re-evaluating his decision to let him come. Then, right before the movie starts, Shade attacks and Cisco alerts Barry. At the same time, Wally starts being attacked by Alchemy, getting more painful visions and hearing his voice for the first time. Alchemy tells Wally that he can stop the visions, he just has to find him. Iris runs to the pipeline and tells Wally to fight it. Wally yells at her to open the door.

Barry arrives at the park and Caitlin, H.R., and Cisco cram into the mobile lab. Barry’s getting his butt handed to him and he asks Cisco for more light. Cisco realizes that light will slow down the frequency Shade’s vibrating at. He hacks into all of the cars’ computers and the lamp posts and illuminates the park. Caitlin takes off the cuffs and gives them to Barry, allowing him to restrain Shade. With Wally withering on the floor, Iris opens up the cell to comfort him. He gets up, though, and begins to leave. When Iris tries to stop him, Wally attempts to punch her but Iris is the one who ends up knocking her sibling out. (Girl, you also helped take down Girder and the Clock King. You have plenty to offer the team.)

'The Flash' Unveils New Logo for Season 4

Back in the cortex, Barry tells everyone that with Shade out of the picture, they can focus on Alchemy. H.R. doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that both of them attacked at the same time. Joe worries that they can’t stop what’s happening to Wally if he’s just going to keep sending more distractions. Barry says Wally’s fine if he stays in the cell but Iris says they can’t hide forever. Agreeing with that notion, Cisco tells Caitlin to reveal her secret as ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away. Reluctantly, she takes off the cuffs and shows Barry, Joe, Iris, and H.R. her powers. Cisco wonders if they’re going to continue keeping secrets from each other. Caitlin says that it wasn’t his secret to tell and reminds him that he’s not the one turning evil, she is. She storms out of the cortex and Cisco tells everyone what he vibed. Barry goes to talk to her. (Was anyone else having flashbacks to the ‘Legends of Today’ scene where Barry told Cisco to tell Kendra about his powers?)

Another post-Flashpoint change: The treadmill room from the first two seasons is now Caitlin’s private lab. She re-cuffs herself and tells Barry that she can’t believe this is her life. Barry tells her that it shouldn’t be and reveals all of the changes caused by Flashpoint–her powers being one of them. Iris interrupts and lets them know that Wally’s awake.

In the med bay, Wally tells everyone that he wants to set a trap for Alchemy. Alchemy continues to psychically attack him and Caitlin reveals that if they let this continue happening, Wally can suffer from permanent brain damage. Joe agrees to the plan and calls in the help of the CCPD SWAT team. At the precinct, Joe asks Barry where Julian is and Barry says he can’t get in contact with him. Joe also tells Wally that he was never this brave.

Caitlin finds Cisco in his workshop and apologizes for the way she reacted. She tells him she was never good at asking for help and he tells her nothing good ever comes from keeping secrets. She reveals that she was just scared because her mother warned her that something bad could happen if she continued using her powers. Cisco tells her that her mom may be an accomplished scientist but “When it comes to the impossible, we’re the experts.” He also promises to help her. (This scene was extremely reminiscent of Supergirl‘s “I’ll go get the alien; you get the girl” scene from last night.)

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

Barry, Wally, Joe, and the SWAT team arrive at Alchemy’s hideout–an abandoned subway station. Cisco asks “Where’s Grodd when you need him?” and H.R. asks if he means Gorilla Grodd. Caitlin asks if Earth-19 has sentient gorillas, as well, and H.R. tells them “Many.” (Friendly reminder that Team Flash will be traveling to Gorilla City sometime in the back half of the season!) Barry tells Wally that it’s okay to be scared. He is, too. Wally then goes in to meet Alchemy while Barry, Joe, and the SWAT team wait outside. Alchemy tells Wally that he can restore the life that was taken from him and Wally looks like he’s about to accept…until he gives the signal to everyone else to storm in. Barry cuffs all of Alchemy’s followers and is about to grab the Philosopher’s Stone until Alchemy takes it and begins attacking Barry with it. Joe blasts him with the pulse gun and the SWAT team surrounds him, letting the stone roll onto the floor. Barry tells Alchemy that it’s over and Alchemy warns them of what’s about to begin. Suddenly, a ball of white and blue lightning begins to free Alchemy’s followers and murder the SWAT team. Being called to the stone, Wally reaches down for it, grabs it…and becomes encased in some sort of giant cocoon. Barry is then grabbed by someone who resembles Megatron and who is invisible to everyone else but him. He reveals himself to be none other than “Savitar, the God of Speed.”

Next week (in Kevin Smith’s long-awaited second episode), while Wally begins to transform into a beautiful speedster butterfly, Caitlin will be finishing her transformation into her villainous doppelgänger. Get ready for the most epic fight to ever take place on this show when Killer Frost battles The Flash and Vibe.