This season of Supergirl has been exceptional as several changes have been made that for the most part has been working. Sadly, James Olsen has been given little to do since his promotion as the new Cat Grant. This week’s installment, ‘Crossfire,’ begins a new arc for Mr. Olsen as he decides to give himself a different type of promotion from sidekick to superhero. The episode also features Alex struggling to understand her relationship with Detective Maggie Sawyer.


‘Crossfire’ opens with a humorous montage of Mon-El getting ready for his first day of work. Kara has gotten him a job as an intern at Catco and attempts to give him a makeover including his very own pair of glasses (you know, in case he decides to fight crime on the side). The DEO has created a new identity for Mon-El including his very own social security number. Now known as mild-mannered intern Mike Matthews, Mon-El has a bit of trouble adjusting to the intricacies of being a human. Nobody seems to notice his problems adjusting so no problems there. Mon-El meets James and expresses his surprise as he expected someone more intimidating. He is also shocked that Kara has never used her powers to complete the menial tasks she has to do as a human. I got a bad feeling Mike is not going to last at Catco for long.

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Alex is playing pool with Maggie and learns that she was dumped by her girlfriend. Ms. Danvers does her best not to appear extremely excited by this news. Meanwhile, Kara and James are walking down the street when an armed robbery occurs right in front of them. Supergirl attempts to stop the gang and is surprised that the criminals are using some type of high tech alien weapon. James attempts to intervene and unfortunately gets his ass kicked as well as his dad’s camera destroyed.

Real-World Distractions

Winn identifies the weapon as an Andronian photon cannon and attempts to work out a way to track it. Seriously, how did the DEO survive without him in season one? Cadmus releases a new video once again advocating the need to stop all aliens on Earth, and the team realizes that Cadmus is responsible for the alien tech that bank robbers are using. Back at Catco, Kara expresses her frustration to James about the wrongdoings of Cadmus when they notice that Jame’s assistant Eve is doing all of “Mike’s” work on top of her own. Kara doesn’t have long to yell at Mike when Lena Luthor arrives to invite her to a fundraiser to repair the children’s hospital which was damaged by the bank robbers’ attack on Supergirl. “Mike, of the Interns” makes sure to score himself an invite to the affair.

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Winn is telling Alex about how he can use a tracking algorithm to detect the alien weaponry, but Alex is too busy thinking about helping Maggie through her recent breakup. So, I’m pretty much expecting Alex and Maggie to get together by the end of this recap. Supergirl manages to intercept the gang on their next attack, but unfortunately, they escape again. Afterward, the bad guys meet with that scary Cadmus scientist who explains her plan to fill the world with fear in order to prepare for Cadmus leadership. It is all done in the name of salvation so it’s alright.

Not a Superhero

According to James, there has been a dramatic increase in people wanting to repeal the President’s Alien Amnesty Act. Wondering where Mon-El is, Kara uses her super hearing to find that he is having some adult fun with James’ assistant. Mon-El wonders if one of his super powers is making all women fall for him. James shows up at the DEO looking for Winn and inquires about any leads with the bank robbers. So I guess James is just allowed to show up at the DEO whenever he wants. I mean, I get that he knows Supergirl, but does that mean he can drop by whenever he wants? Winn has a possible lead on where they might attack next and tells James this information. Meanwhile, Alex meets up with Maggie and says that the two of them should hang out. Maggie questions Alex on her sexuality believing she is asking her out on a date. Alex quickly denies this and appears quite uncomfortable.

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James confronts the gang and attempts to take them out in costume. He tries to lie about it to Winn who calls him out on trying to play superhero. James talks about how he is tired of always being the sidekick and hiding behind his camera. He wants to be something more. He then tells Winn that between him having a black belt and Winn creating a suit for him, he can be a hero too. Apparently, it’s that simple. It’s too bad his universe doesn’t exist in the same one as Oliver Queen’s. I’m sure he would take him as I fear Kara is not going to be so understanding. Winn refuses the offer and tells James he needs to think this through.